How I use Hungry for Hits to Automate my Team Building

I have already written several posts about Hungry for Hits, but those focus a lot on the site and how to use it. For example, to learn how to earn cash and ad credits you should read My Earning Tips for Hungry for Hits Games. If you want to know about the effectiveness of it you should read How Effective is Hungry for Hits Traffic Exchange?

Today I am going to talking a lot more about my own strategy, and the role Hungry for Hits plays in my personal automated team building approach.

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There are a couple of steps to this strategy:

Step 1 is simply to surf ads on the Hungry for Hits site. The more you do this the more you will learn about earning ad credits and cash, but also about the site members themselves. It is important to pay attention to what is going on when you surf or you will miss a lot. Make sure you know about the games and how to play them…..because there is a lot of extra advertising and cash to be gained when you do.

Step 2 is to check on your commission and piggy bank balances frequently. You will find those when you click on the account tab. Personally I like to move my commission into the piggy bank each day as this gives an extra 20%. You can only do that when you have at least $0.10 in your commission balance, but if you surf enough you can earn $0.30+ each day.

Step 3 is to check on the reserve page views advertising calendar. Here you can purchase high volume traffic packages for as little as $0.20. The $0.20 packages sell out fast and tend to only be available on the 1st or 2nd of the month. The other packages are a little more expensive ($0.50 – $1.50) but they tend to be available a bit more often.

Depending on how much you are willing to surf each day, you can quite easily purchase at least 1 of these packages every few days. I have tested it and by surfing 2000 pages per day you can earn a total of $0.60+. That means being able to purchase the $1.50 reserve pages every 3 days.

Here is a screenshot of the reserve pages packages I have purchased so far this month:

The next thing I want to draw your attention to on that image above is the fact that every ad I have booked in for these ads has on the address. That stands for Leadsleap Landing Page. In other words EVERY ad I have running on Hungry for Hits is designed to do 1 thing: Add people to my email lists. That is step 4 of my strategy.

In fact EVERY ad I EVER place online is designed to add people to my email lists. This is how I add team members to multiple sites constantly, and how I do so on auto pilot.

I have already provided guidance on how to use Leadsleap Landing page builder. You can learn more about that here: How to Create A Capture Page for Free. Think about that as the first piece in the automated team building puzzle.

Now you also have the second piece of the automated team building puzzle – using Hungry for Hits to earn cash and ads, as well as booking in advertising in advance.

The final bit of that puzzle is using an autoresponder account to send emails to everyone who submits their information into the capture page form. I will provide guidance about that in my next blog post.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

2 thoughts on “How I use Hungry for Hits to Automate my Team Building

    1. Hi Dorit – H4H is a great site and I recommend you add multiple website links for ELB on to your ad section.
      Some people respond better to the direct home page of a traffic site, while others will respond to a capture page.
      Using a capture page means you will be adding people directly to your own email list on LL and it is always a good idea to do that for long term success. Hope that helps!

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