How I Earned $52 in 4 Days with Guaranteed Downline Club

4 days ago I posted about my new challenge of earning $1000 from $0.00 by using Guaranteed Downline Club to help me get started. If you want to join in with the challenge you can register your free account below:

Click Here to Join Guaranteed Downline Club

Today I am providing my first update on progress. I will also provide some extra hints and tips to help those who are joining in with this challenge.

Today I have earned the following from Guaranteed Downline Club:

Free Referrals Commission: $25

Commission from Lead Lightning: $12

Commission from Make Money Even: $15

I have not joined the other opportunities in GDC as yet.

My earning screenshots are below…..

How To Earn Effectively Using Guaranteed Downline Club?

The first thing I did was to offer to help my downline on GDC to build their accounts. I know people can struggle with team building and I am very good at it. I made the decision to create a rotator link using Hungry for Hits free tool, which allocates team members to those who have signed up using this same link.

This is a massive task which needed a massive plan. Luckily I am good at those….. more info on that to come soon!

For those wanting to follow my challenge as well, don’t be put off by this plan I have. A much more achievable option that I suggest you take is to simply offer to guide your downline members on how to do automated team building. To do this you should contact each member of your downline – you will see their contact details inside Guaranteed Downline Club.

**Pro Tip**……. you should ALWAYS contact the people who join your team in ANY opportunity you are promoting.

By contacting your downline to help them you are starting to build a relationship with them which can last a lifetime. It helps to build trust and encourages them to become active team members as well.

DO NOT overwhelm people with information in your first contact. Simply ask if they would like some guidance from you to earn more with the Guaranteed Downline Club opportunity that they have just joined. Most people will respond to that kind of email or message.

After they reply to you provide the guidance in small easy to understand steps…… For example you could say “The first thing you need to do to work on automated team building is to join Ad Exchange Leads and use the promo code welcome. This will give you $50 worth of free advertising to help you get started. If you need guidance on adding adverts to this site just let me know”

If you don’t have an account already click here to join Ad Exchange Leads

Doing this will also help you to start building another income stream because Ad Exchange Leads pays you to get free referrals…… The amount you earn from doing this varies on the account level you have on there yourself. In my opinion it is worth upgrading asap to earn the higher amounts, but you will still earn as a free member too.

Here is a screenshot of my current earnings on Ad Exchange Leads:

Using this approach for Guaranteed Downline Club especially is highly recommended. The pass up system means it will benefit BOTH you and your downline member if they learn how to promote for themselves.

You will earn $0.50 for each referral that is passed up to you – imagine if you have 10 downline members all actively promoting…… or 20, or 50 etc!!!

As I am helping my team to get their first downline members, not doing this step will considerably increase the time it takes for you to hit the $50 withdrawal level. It is from guiding your downline on what to do next that you can turn Guaranteed Downline Club into a virtual cash machine. This is the way it is supposed to be used…..

Learning to help your downline in this way is very much worth the effort. Your own results online will skyrocket by taking this simple step.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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