How Effective is Hungry for Hits Traffic Exchange?

I have to admit that I have been a member of Hungry for Hits for quite a long time now, yet until recently I wasn’t using it regularly at all. Now I am doing a lot of testing of traffic sites in general I decided to work on it every day for at least a month. This is my honest review of this traffic site and what I found during the month.

I started surfing pages on Hungry for Hits at the beginning of the month with a free account. The idea was to surf 150 pages per day, so I could claim the daily surf bonus, and record my results. Within a few days I remembered how much I enjoy using this site – It really is quite a lot of fun. There are a lot of games available to play and this does make it quite addictive. It is certainly a lot more fun to use than many other traffic sites. The question is however not how much fun it is, but how effective is Hungry for Hits?

Advertising Results

Within a couple of days of surfing 150 pages per day I found that I was building up quite a lot of ad credits. I started just by adding a single link to promote, but I quickly decided to add more.

I was of course using various ways to monitor my results:

Initially the number of hits I was getting to my capture page was around 60 per day. That is a lot higher than many other traffic exchange hit levels. Hungry for Hits is a busy and very active traffic exchange, and these figures clearly show that it is a good place to get people to see your ad. After using the site consistently for 7 days, and surfing 150 pages per day, I had well over 500 hits to my pages.

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Using the Leadsleap link tracker I was also able to see that the majority of these hits were genuine (not bot traffic). I did however have 0 opt in’s to my email list…..

Considering I usually get at least 5 – 10 opt ins per day to my capture pages I found this a little disconcerting. Now, usually I would just stop using a traffic site that hadn’t given me any opt ins at all in 7 days. Thanks to doing my in depth trials of sites though, I kept going.

After the 7 days I decided to do something I never do – I shared links direct to my website and I did not use the capture pages. This of course meant it was practically impossible for me to monitor my results. I was getting hits of course, but that is not an actual result in my book. I could have got referrals etc from doing this, but I really don’t know. The results that I can actually check, and what I want to see are opt ins to my email list, AND new referrals or sales. I had to go back to using capture pages….

I added more and more capture pages, all promoting rather different things. My intention with this was to try and find a popular advert type. I also did something else that I wouldn’t normally do when I wasn’t getting opt ins – I upgraded. I wanted to see if this made a difference to my results.

On the day I am writing this post I can report I eventually did get opt ins to several different capture pages. On each occasion it took between 800 – 1000+ hits to get an opt in. By upgrading my account I was able to earn more hits for my time spent surfing, and therefore that definitely did make a difference. I am now able to add 500 – 1000+ ad credits to my account each day = daily results.

An upgrade costs just $5 on Hungry for Hits, and actually you can earn that on site as well. By surfing and joining in with the games you will earn cash. Some of it is withdrawable cash, and some is allocated to a ‘piggy bank’ which can only be spent on site. You can move funds from the withdrawable balance into the piggy bank balance and get a 20% bonus for doing that – its worth doing to help you upgrade, or to pay for credits and other advertising in my opinion.

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Now I have started to understand Hungry for Hits a lot more than I did at the beginning of this trial month, I have decided to keep using it as an upgraded member. I am going to test out many other features that are available over the next few months as well. For example I used some of my ‘piggy bank’ funds to purchase 2 start pages for $2 each. I will add some details on how these go after these adverts have run.

My Tips for Using Hungry for Hits Effectively

  • Use a capture page so you can check your ad results, or only advertise a particular site or offer here so you know if it is working for you.
  • Upgrade so you can earn more credits from the same activity levels.
  • Play the games to earn extra cash and advertising.

I hope you have enjoyed this honest review of Hungry for Hits and found it useful. If you are interested in learning more about effective advertising you are very welcome to subscribe to my advertising list below:



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