How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 2)

Its time for the second part of my Timebucks earning guide which is designed to help EVERYONE earn $1 per day, regardless of country. If you haven’t already done so I recommend you do read Part 1 of this earning guide which you can find here:

How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 1)

In part 1 I focused on some very simple earning options that I know are available for everyone worldwide. Today I will be focusing on another section which has much higher earning potential, and is available to all as well:

Earning Tasks

This is a great option for earning much higher level income than the simple ad clicks and slideshows I discussed in Part 1. The earning tasks section of Timebucks generally offers members the chance to earn a minimum of $10 – $20, yet it is very underused.

Thanks to members of my Facebook group I was able to check the earning levels available in various countries:

  • UK – $25.66
  • Philippines – $19.24
  • Spain – $24.69
  • India – $43

To use this earning section you need to click first on the Earn Tab, then Tasks. The first thing I suggest you do is turn on the daily email notification for latest tasks as shown below. Even if you do NO earning tasks just clicking on the link in this email can win you up to $250 in cash.

Filtering The Task List

Next I recommend you use the filters provided to help you manage the tasks list. Without using these you will have a lot of tasks showing in the list and it can be difficult to manage it effectively when there are so many tasks showing.

The way I like to use these filters is to create myself a to do list which I mark off when completed. Aim to clear each section so start with the categories which have the least number of tasks showing. In the example below that is Testing and Review.

Systematic Task Completion System

The way I look at the task area is as a systematic completion system. By that I mean I will ‘process’ each task on the list, sorting each one into either a task to complete, or a task I don’t want to do.

Lets look at the way I process each task, starting with the one that is available under testing. Today this task is showing as Peer2Profit and I will get paid $0.05 for completing this task. You can see this listing below:

The first step to completing the task is to click on the green view button. This will open the information about how to complete this task as well as things like how many times it has been completed already. This Peer2Profit task is showing as new and has never been completed by other members.

The campaign details section tells me important information such as this campaign is available every 7 days. Also there are no rejected submissions. That is useful to help you consider how easy or difficult it is to complete this specific task when other members have tried it already.

The next thing to do is to read the preview of instructions for the task. This will allow you to decide if you want to actually try completing the task.

In this case the instructions are:

Advertisers Instructions:

-sign up to peer2profit
-download the software
– earn at least 0.50$

The link to sign up is also shown.

So you can get paid for this task you MUST click on the green button as shown AND carefully follow the instructions provided. You WILL NOT get paid if you just click through the link to join.

As the instructions on this task state that I must download an app and earn $0.50 before I get paid $0.05 for completing the task I decide this one is not for me. I click on the hide this task link to remove it from my list of tasks.

I consider this task as now processed.

Now I move to the next category which is Review. This time I have 2 tasks available. I follow the same steps as described above and decide to go ahead and try to complete the first one.

The instructions for this task are:

  • search “shubh labh sarees mathura up india ” on google..
  • Give 5 star rating and positive comment and upload screenshot of showing 5 star rating..
  • Provide your account username and screenshot both
  • see the image for review on right business name

To complete this task then I need to open google search and copy over the search phrase provided:

The search results show a business with a Facebook page and google reviews. To leave the review I click on the other reviews link as shown below:

When I click on this link it opens a pop up window where there is a write review button showing. I click on this and as the instructions ask, I mark 5 stars and write a positive comment…..

Now I have completed the task as instructed I need to provide the proof that has been asked for in the instructions. For this task I need to “Provide your account username and screenshot”

I believe this is where a lot of people go wrong with the tasks option on Timebucks. Sometimes it is because the instructions are not clear. For example which account username do I need to provide? My Timebucks one or my google one?

I will provide both on this occasion to help the member confirm that I completed the task and he knows which account to approve the payment to.

I also provide a screenshot of the review that I have left. You can see below the proof of completion that I have provided for this task:

Right now the task is pending approval. I just wait now and see if it is approved.

Should the member not approve my task then I can ask for it to be reviewed by Timebucks staff. This means members decision can be overruled if staff consider the task to have been completed as per the instructions.

As this task is submitted and pending approval it will no longer be showing on my task list. Therefore I consider this task as ‘processed’ and I can move on to another task.

I know that people can struggle a bit with the tasks section of Timebucks and I would like to help with this as much as possible. I have created a Facebook group where members can discuss the earning tasks with each other and get help with completions. Feel free to join us there.

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