How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 1)

As most of my readers know already one of my personal favourite free earning sites is Timebucks. There are many reasons it is my favourite site, but the main one is the fact that the admin does a lot to make sure EVERYONE, regardless of where they live, can actually earn and withdraw a decent amount of cash.

I do get a lot of people saying they can’t earn on here, can’t do surveys etc, so today I am writing a guide to help people earn at least $1 per day on this great site. I have made different parts to this guide so each one is not too long.

Completing Part 1 will earn you approximately $0.20 – $0.50 PER DAY. Remember you only need a single $10 for my Earn $1000 plan so its well worth working on this.

Lets start with the absolute basics and go from there:

How to Register on Timebucks

You can use Timebucks on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Simply click on my referral link here: and you will be on the sign up page. You can choose to sign up using Facebook, or your email address and a password that you choose. Its just a simple form to complete as you can see below. Make sure you tick the I’m not a robot captcha box and click the green sign up now button.

Note that you can only have ONE account on Timebucks.

First Steps To Earning

After registering your account, and confirming your email address, it is time to start earning. Log in to your account and you will first see the Dashboard page. To find the earning options that are available click on the earn tab:

Clicking on the Earn Tap opens a new page which has 9 main earning areas. These are:

  • Surveys
  • Content
  • Tasks
  • Refer
  • Offer Walls
  • Ali Express
  • Interests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Premium

Sometimes new sections get added. This is because the admin is always working to make earning easier for site members, and tries out some new things.

The first things I suggest you complete are:

Daily Poll & Ad Clicks

Everyone can complete these simple tasks. Follow these instructions:

Daily Poll

To complete the daily poll make sure you have clicked on the surveys tab. Here there will be a large list of survey companies. This list can vary depending on where you live. Here in the UK it looks like this:

To find the Daily Poll you can look down the list, or click on the RATE column heading which will reorganise the list according to the payment rate.

The Daily Poll pays $0.005 and is a single question. To complete it click on the START button. Read the question for the day and choose an answer from the choices provided.

You will now have earned $0.005 which shows at the top of the page in your wallet balance.

Ad Clicks

To complete the ad clicks you need to click on the content tab. The number of ad clicks and the amount you can earn from these varies depending on ads submitted by members. In the image below you can see there are currently 12 ad clicks that I can complete and I will earn $0.03 for completing them. Usually I have about 30 – 40 available and can earn $0.08 – $0.10 for completing them. I have already done lots of ad clicks today…..

To earn the cash available for each ad click you need to click on the green view button. This will open a new page where you will view the ad. You MUST keep this page open for the time highlighted in red (in this case for 5 seconds). Closing the page before the timer finishes means you will not get paid. There is a sound indicating when the timer is finished and you have been paid – always wait for that.

New adverts will show on this page when you have completed the ad click. Continue to view the ads until there are none left to view. More ads will often be available throughout the day.

You should now have earned approximately $0.05 – $0.15

Next I suggest you go to the paid searches page. You will find this under the content tab.

Paid Search

In this section you will be paid to search for products online. You can search a maximum of 20 times daily, but must wait for 30 minutes between searches. The timer shows when you can search again.

To complete a paid search just add the product name in the box and click search. You MUST search for real products – in the example shown below I searched for striped cushions.

Make sure you tick the I’m Not a Robot captcha box if it shows so you see the products you searched for. You need to reach the Bing search page to be paid:

The payment rate for completing the searches is different in various countries. Here in the UK I get paid $0.01 per search so can earn $0.20 in this section. I believe the least you can earn from doing 20 paid searches is $0.10.

Instead of waiting for 30 mins for a new search to be available I suggest you move to the Slideshows section when you have completed a search.


Again this earning option is under the content tab. Click on Slideshows in the menu to access this option.

To complete a slideshow click on the green view button and a new page opens. You MUST view 7 pages of the slideshow to get paid. On each page scroll to the bottom and you will see a timer or a green next button.

Click the next button when it appears. After 7 pages are viewed the slideshow will close automatically and you will have been paid. A new slideshow will become available when the timer finishes after 10 minutes.

Again the payment rate varies by country and I earn $0.01 per slideshow completed. In the UK I will earn $0.20 for doing all 20 of these. I believe the least you can earn from doing 20 paid slideshows is $0.10.

By completing part 1 of this guide you should have earned a minimum of $0.30. Please let me know if the payment rates for these tasks are different in your country so I can adjust this guide accordingly.

Now it is time to move onto Part 2 of my earning guide which provides much higher earning options. Click here to continue How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 2)

8 thoughts on “How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 1)

  1. Obviously, because of geographical locations, Timebucks have different rates in our locality. Here are the differences:

    1. Paid Searches. Our rate is 0.001 and we are allocated only 3 searches

    2. Slide Shows: we are also allocated 20 but the rate is 0.001

    3. Daily Poll: The rate is 0.005

    4. Ad Clicks: The rate is the same

    1. The only thing you need to promote is the capture page to help you build your contact list. Everything else is done automatically as long as you have done the set up of the system.

  2. It seems Leadsleap has changed the import so free members can’t do it now. I am creating a work around at the moment so give me a couple of days šŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Philip, Timebucks provides many payment options and in my opinion is the best site for you to use. Let me know if you need any additional guidance for using it!

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