Help, My Subscribers Are Not Responding!

There is no doubt whatsoever that people who work on building their email list when working online are MUCH more successful that those who do not. You will not find a single professional marketer who does not have a contact list.

For this reason, learning how to build your own list of contacts is the main part of my Simple Success System.

Of course for your contact list to work for you, then it is important that your subscribers are engaging with your emails, and indeed taking action. If they are not responding, what can you do?

Check Your System Set Up

The first thing to do is make sure you have run a check of your own system. To do this you should subscribe to your own email list. Make sure that everything is working the way it should be.

For example, for the Simple Success System, when you subscribe to your own list the first thing you should see after you enter your details on the capture page is the Elite List Building website. If you do not see this then you need to check the redirection url you added to the capture page. You can use any of your referral links for Elite List Building as this redirect. For instructions on how to add the redirect read my post Done For You Free Earning Ad Campaign. Make sure you have saved your capture page after editing.

In addition to the redirect to ELB, you should also receive a confirmation email from Leadsleap. This email has a link inside to click to confirm you want to receive the emails associated with the capture page you entered your details on. Anyone who does not click the confirmation link in this email will be marked as unverified in your list. This means they have not given permission for you to email them. Of course this could explain why there is a lack of response.

Check For Unverified Subscribers

To check for unverified subscribers log in to Leadsleap and click on List Manager. For the email list you want to check, then click on the number of subscribers icon as shown below. This will open the list of subscribers you have got. When the list is showing then click on the Status column header so your list is organised by status. You may need to click twice to get the unverified emails to show at the top.

If you have unverified subscribers on your list, don’t worry this is perfectly normal. On Leadsleap you will get the chance to engage these subscribers and turn the status to verified (more about this below). If all of your subscribers are unverified make sure that you have received the confirmation email yourself and when you click the link inside you are showing as verified on your list. If this does not work contact the admin of Leadsleap and explain you are having an issue with the confirmation email.

Check Your Welcome Email

If your subscribers are showing as verified then the next thing to check is your welcome email. To do this click on the single envelope icon on your list manager. Click on the view/edit icon to read the email you have set as a welcome. This is the first email that your subscribers will receive after they have confirmed they want to get your emails.

You should use this email to open your relationship with your subscribers and to reinforce and encourage them to take a particular action. Keep it short but friendly, and include something which tells them what you want them to do. For example: Have you registered for your free account with Elite List Building yet? If not please click here to do that now: (add ref link).

If your subscribers are not joining the site which they are prompted to do in the email, make sure the referral link you have provided is correct and the link is working ok.

Send A Broadcast Email

If everything in your system is set up correctly, the next thing to do is send a Broadcast email. On Leadsleap you can do this with a free account. You cannot email unverified subscribers unless you have paid to upgrade on Leadsleap, but you can email those who have confirmed they want to receive your emails.

If you have verified subscribers who have not taken the action as outlined in your welcome email, you can use the Broadcast option to remind them to do it. Don’t forget your email will go to all your subscribers on your list however, so write the email bearing in mind that some people may have already done what you have asked.

If you are following my Simple Success System I have included some Broadcast emails you can copy and send.

Check Your Broadcast Stats

Your broadcast stats will tell you a lot more about what is going on with your subscribers. Are they not opening your emails at all, or are they opening the email but not clicking on a link provided?

If people are not opening your emails at all, you can try different things to encourage them to do so. Using different subject lines will help you to appeal to different people on your list. Again I have included different emails in my Simple Success System which you can copy and send.

Another thing to try is sending an email at a different time of day. Some people may only check their email in the morning or in the evening, so varying the time you send emails may work to catch their attention.

Something else that may be happening if people are not opening your emails is they have subscribed using an email address they do not check regularly. There is not much you can do in this case other than just keep sending emails in the hope you send one at the right time to catch their attention.

If someone is actually opening your email but not clicking on a link inside then it is about working on their motivation to do so. What is the reason they should click the link? Try to convey that as best you can in your emails and you may encourage them to do so at some point.

Don’t Give Up

Mainly when you are working on email marketing, the best advice I can give is just don’t give up. Keep promoting your capture page to get more subscribers, and keep sending emails regardless of what is happening. When you do this eventually something is going to happen. Either the person will unsubscribe or will follow your guidance. Even those who just don’t open the emails will become marked as inactive on your Leadsleap system automatically.

Remember the system is about filtering out specific people, and keeping those most interested on your list. Those who do not open your emails actually help that filtering process – you don’t really want to work with people who can’t open an email do you?

Focus on Active Subscribers

As I just said, email marketing is a filtering process. It is all about keeping specific people on your list and those are the people who are most interested in what you have to say. Focus on the people who are opening your emails and taking action – they are the people who are a good fit for you and your business.

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