Help – My Neobux Account is in Crisis!

Learning how to manage your Neobux account effectively is vital for success with this platform, and sadly many people do not understand how to do this. Often people will try to start by adding a lot of rented referrals at once and will ultimately end up in a crisis point.

A Neobux Account In Crisis

If you are working on Neobux it is important that you learn how to recognise as early as possible when an account is in crisis. The earlier you recognise this the easier it will be to fix.

So what is an account in crisis?

Basically when you have rented referrals you need to be earning enough from your account to pay for the extending process. When you are building your account this also means being able to increase the extending time. If you are not earning enough to pay for the extending AND have some funds left over then you will not be making any profit and will never be able to withdraw. That is an account in crisis.

Note if you have a standard (free) account on Neobux it is impossible to make a profit if you are not extending your rented referrals by 240 days, so that is the target you should be working on.

Example of an Account in Crisis

To help you understand this better lets look at an example. My own account is in crisis right now, so I am using that as an example. I got into crisis because I was trying to build the account too fast and kept adding more rented referrals…..

I currently have 1588 rented referrals

I have 1043 rented referrals with 14 days or less on their rental time.

This means I need to extend 1043/14 = 75 per day. 75 x $0.13 (for 15 days extending) = $9.75 is the cost for doing this. I am currently earning approximately $8 per day.

That makes it very obvious that I can’t pay the extending costs from my daily earnings.

How To Get A Neobux Account out of Crisis?

To get this account out of crisis I have 3 main options:

  • increase daily earnings
  • increase the number of days I have available to work on extending
  • reduce the number of rented referrals that I have to extend in my current extending cycle (the 1043 with 14 days or less)

Lets look at each option in detail:

Increase Daily Earnings

The first thing that most people will do in this situation is think about how they can increase their daily earnings. The advice in the forum is usually recycle to get more active refs, however I do not think that works long term. You can read about my test for this in my blog post: Should I Recycle Rented Referrals on Neobux?

The second option to increase daily earnings is to add more rented referrals….. however this is often what leads to an account in crisis in the first place. Adding more is a very risky method, especially if you are not clear on how to manage them.

Increase the Time Available

Right now I have 14 days to extend 1043 referrals. Obviously if I had say 20 days available I could extend less each day. So how can you make more time?

The least time I have available on my rented referrals is 1 day. If I extend those by 15 days it will increase the top end of my cycle to 16 days instead of 14. 1043/16 = 65 and is much closer to the level I need to be at.

Had my least time been 2 days instead of 1 this method would have worked to get me back on track. 1043/17 = 61.35. I have $8 per day of earnings which is enough to extend 61.53 per day……

Reducing the Number of Rented Referrals

This last method is the main one that I would generally recommend to others, though the increase time option can be very effective when the numbers are on your side. For reducing the number of rented referrrals you work on reducing the number of rented referrals in your current extending cycle. To do this you need to use the split method of extending as I describe in blog post: My Strategy for Managing Rented Referrals on PTC Sites.

Lets look at my account as an example again:

I need to work using my current earning level which is $8 per day.

$8/$0.13 = 61.53

So the maximum number of referrals I can extend is 62 per day with my current earnings. That makes a total of 868 that I can extend within 14 days (62*14).

Now I know I need to reduce the number of referrals in my current extending cycle by 175 to get my account back on an even keel.

To remove 175 from the current cycle I can choose from several options:

  • add some funds. This is the most straightforward option, and I can work out exactly how much I need to deposit. 175 * $0.24 (for 30 day ext) = $42 is the amount I would need to add to the account to get out of crisis.
  • try extending from the 14 day end of the cycle – adding 15 days to these rented referrals will take their rental time to 29 days and give me some time to work on the others. This will only work if your minimum rental time is not ready to expire. My minimum time is 1 day so this is not going to work for me this time.
  • try extending from the lowest rental time end but extend by 30 days. This will only work if you do not have a lot of rented referrals about to expire. I have over 100 on 1 day so thats not going to work for me either.
  • try extending for 15 days on the low end of the rental time. This will only work if you can extend more than the daily requirement each day. I know already I don’t have enough daily earnings to cover this.
  • use a combination of all the above options. This is my preferred method as it will allow me to minimise the amount I need to add to the account. I added $25 and extended some of the higher rental time cycle by 15 days, and some of the lower end by 30 days. I now have 896 in my current extending cycle instead of 1043. I can use my daily earnings to extend the other 28 to get on track.

Moving Forward From Crisis

Obviously I don’t want to just be covering my extending costs each day and getting no profit, I want to see my account moving forward and starting to generate a profit each day.

With 868 rented referrals in my current extending cycle I know I need to extend 61 per day with my earnings to stand still. To move forward then I need to move more of them out of my current cycle to reduce this number and reduce the amount of earnings I need to spend daily.

With 800 rented referrals I could extend 58 per day instead of 62. Its just a small difference but it is enough to create a daily profit. That is my current goal.

To continue moving forward with this account I will be adding more rented referrals to help me reach daily earnings of $10 per day, then onward to $15 per day. This is part of my earn $100,000 in 2022 plan……

If you would like to follow my progress with reaching $15 per day on Neobux I will be writing a daily update for this account on my new blog post: Building Neobux to $15 Per Day. Do pop over and check out what I am doing!

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