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When you work online you should remember one important fact: Time is the most precious resource you have. You can NEVER get it back! You may think your time is free but it is NOT.

For that reason I ALWAYS work in a way that uses my time as effectively as possible. Should I have 1 hour available to work online I want to get the “best bang for my buck” as the saying goes. This means I do a lot of testing and comparing results. Oh and that means ACTUAL results and not imagined or potential results……

For example, if I am using a traffic site to help me generate advertising credits, then I will look at the return on my time. I could use a site that gives me back 100 ad credits for each hour I spend surfing, or I could use a site that gives me back 75 ad credits and $0.10 for each hour I spend surfing.

Which one is best?

The truth is I don’t know which is best for advertising on without testing my results when I use both sites to promote the same advert on, and then compare them (more about that later). What I do know is site number 2 gives me a REAL return of $0.10.

In this game there are lots of things you can do with actual cash. For example I could save it and buy a lifetime membership or ad that works on autopilot. That cash can potentially save me a LOT of time in future. Thats time I could be spending travelling or having fun with my dog….. or writing a blog post that can generate a constant flow of visitors instead.

That is why I prefer to use sites that give me cash AND ad credits for surfing. In the long term it is a much better use of my time….. When the advertising is also getting me great results as well as the cash return I get at the same time – Those sites are pure gold in my book. Here are 2 sites that pay BOTH cash and top quality ad credits (ones that get me results pretty much every time I use them) for EVERY 10 ads I view:


Infinity Traffic Boost

Using those 2 sites have saved me a LOT of time and made me a LOT of money at the same time……

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Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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