From Traffic Tantrum to Automated Magic

This week in my Facebook group I have started the process of teaching members all about using traffic sites to build your business online.

To me this is the most important thing everyone needs to learn to use well – without traffic you will be getting no-where. Yet it is not just about getting good quality traffic that actually converts into referrals or buyers, it is about learning how to manage your time effectively as well.

There is this belief around that if you can throw enough traffic at a link then it is going to get results, but that is NOT the case. Traffic is not about playing a numbers game, after all no one wants to spend all their time (or money) trying to get more and more traffic. The only thing that happens when you do this is you end up in a complete mess and have a traffic tantrum……. Usually that tantrum leads to you giving up completely or feeling completely demotivated while you force yourself to keep going while waiting for a miracle to happen.

Learning to Strategise

There are many things that you need to learn about with regard to traffic generation, and the first one is about learning to focus your time and strategise (strategize if not in UK).

The method that I personally use is one which continues to increase the amount of completely automated traffic that I have going to my links. I don’t want to spend all my time online – I want to allocate about 1 – 2 hours per day MAXIMUM to working, while I earn more money on a constant basis. Isn’t that what working online is all about?

To do this start with setting yourself a time limit which you can allocate to traffic generation each day. I recommend that is no longer than 2 – 3 hours, but 1 – 2 is better.

Now what you need to do is learn how to make the best use of that time. Make your goal about getting better results without spending more time.

Try out different things. For example spend a week just working on banner ads and see what happens. If that doesn’t get results then try only working on text ads, or solo ads. Keep a note of what you are doing and what results you got.

Try using different ads as well. Just don’t try to use many different ads at the same time. My system is use 1 ad on each site for at least 1 week. Check results at the end of the week.

With a bit of work using this strategy you will start to become a better marketer. You will also find out which type of ad works best on which specific site.

Gaining Time Freedom (and Ads)

The first priority for me is gaining the time freedom I want to be able to travel, read, garden and play with my dog Sienna. I don’t mind having the odd day where I work for several hours, but that needs to be kept to a minimum.

I also do not want to empty my bank account paying for advertising that may or may not gain results. So many people do this and then feel like a failure online.

The way around this whole mess in my opinion is quite simple:

Choose to focus on just a couple of traffic sites at a time. Use those sites and spend time on them learning about the different features they provide. Check every page and see what is there. Try out every option for gaining exposure to your ads, but also with branding. Often people are too busy trying to post ads on as many different sites as possible to really look at what each site really offers. That ultimately leads to wasting a lot of potential that it can provide.

I also love to focus on sites which actually pay you a little bit of cash in exchange for spending time on site. Those which pay even just $0.01 – $0.02 while you are earning ad credits are little goldmines when you know how to use them effectively. Use those funds to pay for upgrades and you will rarely go wrong. This means that ANYONE can literally earn their way to the top.

With this strategy of focusing on just a few sites at a time you will remain in control of your advertising routine. You will also only need to spend maybe 30 mins – 1 hour per day working on building advertising. In fact even if you only have 10 mins per day available you can still use this method and continually build multiple accounts to full automation.

The Automation Cycle

To use traffic sites effectively you need to understand about the automation cycle. It works like this:

Start with 1 or 2 sites and use them until you have earned your way up to some automated advertising on a single site.

Set up the automated advertising and let it run in the background.

Start using a new site. You now have ads running on 3 sites – 1 is automated and 2 are being used daily to build up to automated levels.

Each time you gain full automation add a new site to your routine. The amount of fully automated traffic you have running for you each day continues to grow from a single site to 2 and then 3 and then 4 etc. You can reach any level of advertising you choose with this method. Most importantly this happens WITHOUT you having to increase the time you spend online. In fact after a while you can stop working on ad generation at all if you want to.

If you want to learn more about traffic generation and working online in general then I recommend you join my website: Elite List Building. I teach all kinds of strategies over there!

3 thoughts on “From Traffic Tantrum to Automated Magic

    1. I am currently writing the guide for this Bryan – the first step is to join Infinity Traffic Boost, Infinity Mailer Boost, Website Traffic Rewards, Hungry for Hits and Leadsleap. Using each of these sites daily will start to build your traffic fund pots.
      If you can manage it the routine I suggest is surfing 100 pages daily on ITB, reading 10 emails on IMB and WTR, surfing 150 pages on Hungry for Hits and 10+ on Leadsleap. I will post the info about what to do next in a few days in a new blog post.

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