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If you want to start working online using free to join sites there are a LOT of them you can choose from. Sadly a lot of these sites either don’t pay at all, or are not very stable and close taking all your hard earned cash with them.

This is a list of free sites that really pay and I have checked the admins reputation. The admin of these sites have been around for long enough to understand how to run their sites more effectively than those which pop up constantly and fail after a few months.

This page contains referral links – just click on the site name titles to be taken direct to the sites. Note that I will often earn a small amount of referral commission if you use these links, at no cost to you. Rest assured I have tested each site myself.


This is one of my favourite free sites, though I have to admit it took me a little time to warm to it and see the earning potential. I have now withdrawn just under $1000 from it. There are many ways to earn and the admin work hard to keep adding new earning options that work worldwide. As a result there is something on site for everyone.

Earning Tips for Timebucks

  • Take the time to try out each earning section
  • Read the notifications for updates, bonuses, tips etc
  • Create a daily earning routine that suits you
  • Do the quick and simple tasks first (Daily Poll, Ad Clicks, Paid Searches)
  • Try to complete the checklist for cash bonuses
  • Try out different survey tabs if you find one is not working well for you
  • Use survey tabs that pay you for disqualifications

Posts about Timebucks:

My Timebucks Strategy – Earning More by Doing Less

Video Guides for Earning on Timebucks

I have created many videos to show how to use the different sections. Note some sections may have changed slightly due to site updates:

Storm Gain

This site is all about learning how to trade Cryptocurrency, but thanks to a high paying and semi automated miner you can start for free.

Earning Tips for Storm Gain

  • Activate the free miner every 4 hours
  • Watch the guidance videos
  • Use the demo account to start trading while you learn

Posts About Storm Gain:

Storm Gain Gives You Free Money & Teaches How To Trade Crypto

Free Bitcoin

This is one of the oldest and most popular Bitcoin faucet sites. Its very easy to use to claim free Bitcoin, but also has many other sections and bonus options.

Earning Tips for Free Bitcoin

  • Claim free Bitcoin every hour
  • Use the multiply Bitcoin section very carefully as you can loose all earnings easily
  • Check the emails for extra ways to earn and win
  • Use the reward points to boost your earnings

Posts about Free Bitcoin:

My Earning Tips for Free Bitcoin Website


This is quite an interesting site that will pay you more for regular use. There are multiple bonuses that you can purchase as you progress.

Earning Tips for Cointiply

  • Complete the Faucet Claims as often as possible
  • Do the PTC clicks
  • Use the multiply game cautiously as you can loose all earnings
  • Check the surveys and offers payment levels on Timebucks before completing as they often pay more


This is a great site for earning Bitcoin which focuses mainly on PTC ad earnings. Higher rates of pay for the ads on here than many other sites.

Earning Tips for CoinPayU

  • Complete the PTC ads daily
  • Check the Faucet and Catch a Cat sections under ‘more’ in the menu


One of the few free 100% passive earning options available online. It basically pays you for unused data.

Earning Tips for Honey Gain

  • Activate the app on computer and mobile to maximise earning


This is actually an extremely well run advertising site but it also has multiple ways to earn, including PTC.

Earning Tips for Leadsleap

  • Surf 10+ pages daily and you will earn approx $0.05 – $0.10
  • Create a link tracker and share it on other sites to earn passively from promoting
  • Share the site on other ad sites to get paid referrals
  • If you have a website of your own add a widget. You will get paid whenever anyone clicks on any ads

Ad Viev

Earning Tips for Ad Viev

Will be added soon…..


Earning Tips for Neobux

Will be added soon…..

Scarlet Clicks

Earning Tips for Scarlet Clicks

Will be added soon…..

GPT Planet

Earning Tips for GPT Planet

Will be added soon…..

Optimal Bux

Earning Tips for Optimal Bux

Will be added soon…..

Penny Adz

Earning Tips for Penny Ads

Will be added soon…..


Earning Tips for CoinPayU

Will be added soon…..

Paid Verts

Earning Tips for Paid Verts

Will be added soon…..

PTC Share

Earning Tips for PTC Share

Will be added soon…..


Earning Tips for Swagbucks

Will be added soon…..

Ad Exchange Leads

Earning Tips for Ad Exchange Leads

Will be added soon…..

Infinity Traffic Boost

Earning Tips for Infinity Traffic Boost

Will be added soon…..

Infinity Mailer Boost

Earning Tips for Infinity Mailer Boost

Will be added soon…..

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  1. Hi
    I have joined Neobux with your link. I know for sure that it is a legit site. However earning is very slow. If a strategy is followed and referrals are purchased, the possibility of earning increases. Can you please suggest a strategy to maximise the earning.? Please do revert back.
    Tasneem Yusuf

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