My Free & Simple Cash Machine That Pays Me Every Single Day on Complete Auto Pilot!

If there is one thing most people want when they are working online it is a simple system that just keeps paying out every day on auto pilot. If it is also free and easy to set up, well …… it would just be a crime for me to not share it with you!

The first thing you need to do to set up your own cash machine is to register for 2 free accounts:

Click Here to Register for Account 1

Click Here to Register for Account 2

Account 1 is the main cash generator, and account 2 is the main automation tool!

Remember to confirm both your accounts via the emails which are sent out immediately or you won’t be able to log in and use them.

Next you need the automation tools set up…… To make this as easy as possible for you I have made it so all you need to do is name your system and enter a code. To do this open your account number 2 and follow the guidance below:

Step 1

On the My Landing Pages page click the blue add a new campaign button. Enter the name in the box that pops up. Then click blue Add Now button.

You now have a campaign added and it will show on the My Landing Pages page. When you see that click on the + button and add the code provided below. Don’t forget to click the import now button after adding the code.

The Code to Enter is: kRWmZVGU

Step 2

The Next Step is to make your own copy of this page. Make sure you update it with your referral links for accounts 1 & 2.

You can create your own page for free on Wix……

Step 3

Now you need to copy the URL to your new page and update the system to take your subscribers to your page. To do that follow the guidance below:

Click on My Landing Pages in the side menu on Leadsleap and find the page you have created. Then click launch editor:

Click on the list option at the top and an extra box will pop up. Add your page URL in the redirect subscriber to a custom URL box. Tick the small box underneath to choose Open in a new window.

Remember to click on the green save button to the right side to update your settings.

After that you simply need to promote your Landing Page!

I have loads of tips to help you with promoting your landing page….. I will put them in another post. Check back soon for that info.

5 thoughts on “My Free & Simple Cash Machine That Pays Me Every Single Day on Complete Auto Pilot!

      1. English is not my mothertongue, so I do not fully understand the whole system and how it makes money. You wrote something in step 2 and 3 about referrals and subscribers and I thought: oh, I have to find referrals and subscribers. I understand that I have to make a landing page and promote it to other people? Correct? If you want, can you explain short (summarize) how precisely I can make money with that. Maybe because the people click on my referral links on these pages? Thank you.

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