Ellies Top Recommended Sites and Services

I keep getting asked for my TOP resources, or my favourite site….. so here you can find my very best list (and why it made it here).


This site took me a little time to warm to, but now its my go to place for so many things. I use the landing page builder, tracker, autoresponder, image hosting, site reviews, blog and of course the traffic. It just keeps getting better and better as well. Just when I think Kenneth the owner can’t possibly add anything more he does. So much value…..

My Tips for Leadsleap:

  • Take your time to look at ONE thing at a time.
  • Read the onsite tips and directions.
  • Upgrade ASAP to get the discounted price.
  • Always use a capture page when using the advertising.
  • Use all the ad spaces you have available.
  • Learn how to use the tracker tool.
  • Check the various ways to earn.
  • Ask for help if you need it.

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