Earning Cash on Hungry For Hits

Hungry for Hits, as the name suggests, is a traffic site which can be used to get hits (visitors) to any website. Its a very busy site which has a lot of features which are beneficial for marketers, but it can also be used to earn cash.

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I have personally earned over $100 just by playing the games on Hungry for Hits. I have earned even more when I add commission earned through team building as well.

Today I would like to provide you with a guide for all the ways you can earn cash on Hungry for Hits – There are LOADS of different ways to make money on this site…… and most of them involve playing games!

Before I provide you with the guide for earning cash, here are a few screenshots showing just some of my earnings:

As you can see from the pics above, the cash earned from playing the games on site are small amounts, however I have tested it out and you can earn $1 per day with this option if you are willing to do a lot of surfing (it takes about 6 – 8 hours of surfing to earn $1). Do bear in mind that the cash earned this way is a bonus, and the main benefit to using Hungry for Hits is the advertising. You can earn a lot of money by using the advertising which you will earn at the same time as you earn the cash. I will talk about the advertising in another post….. today I want to focus mostly on the onsite earning methods.

Here are the (advertising your opportunity excluded) ways you can earn cash on Hungry for Hits:

Team Building

As with most sites online, you can earn commission from team building on Hungry for Hits. This is the option which pays the highest amounts (You can earn over $100 per referral upgrade when you are also upgraded). It is worth working on getting referrals for this site if you want to earn high level income.

I Help You Get Referrals for Hungry for Hits Here

Promo Code Cash

The first thing I suggest you do when using Hungry for Hits is to claim the daily promo code. This will give you some free advertising every day, but a few times a week the prize includes cash (usually $0.01 or $0.02).

To claim the promo code look at the announcement section when you log in and you will see the code for the day. You just need to enter this code and then surf 150 pages for the prize. The promo code is found here:

To enter the code just click on Rewards in the top menu, then choose Promo Codes in the next menu and paste the code into the box provided:

Playing Food Fight Game

Every time you surf on Hungry for Hits you are playing the Food Fight game. Each day you have a different opponent that you play food fight with, and to win you simply need to surf more pages than your opponent. You can see below how the food fight game shows while you are surfing, and the payment received when you win:

Team Surfing

To maximise your chances of earning cash each day from surfing I recommend you join a surfing team. Each team can only have 10 members so I check my team each week on a Monday. People who have not surfed that week are removed to make room for active members to join. This keeps my team on the winners list as often as possible….

If you want to join my team just send me a message on site…..

Click Here To See My Profile and Send Me A Friend Request and a Message!

Pick A Snack Game

The next game you should look out for if you want to earn cash on Hungry for Hits is the Pick A Snack Game. This one will appear on the main part of the page where the adverts normally are, so keep an eye out for it while you are surfing. The image you will see for this game will look something like the one added below, where you can also see one of the the advertising and one of the cash prizes I have won playing this game:

Sandwich Game

Another game which you will see when you are surfing on Hungry for Hits is the Sandwich Game. Actually there are 2 different versions of this game so look out for both of them. The first version is for a daily raffle where you can win 1000 or 500 ad credits. The second version is the one which has some cash prizes as well as advertising. I have won $0.01 and $0.02 on the second version of the game as well as 1000 credits on the first version.

To get the prizes you just click the image and follow the instructions provided!

Icon Game

This is another game which appears in the main surf window, so keep an eye out for it. This game has 3 parts to it: Collecting Letters, Collecting Icons and an Extra Spotlight Prize.

To play this game you can click the spotlight link to view the ad and will get 3 credits for doing that. Under the spotlight ad box you claim the letters and icons which is where you can get $0.03

Spin and Win Game

This game appears in the bottom bar while you are surfing and it is a game where you are spending ad credits to play.

The Food Game

The Food Game is actually a completely different site to Hungry for Hits, but the game itself is played while you are surfing. It is available on over 300 traffic sites and appears as a chef hat icon which you just click to play. When you click the chef hat you are claiming a prize, which can be a food ingredient, or gold.

The gold can be exchanged for Piggy Bank cash (or upgrades and credits) when you reach a specific amount. To do this you need to log in to The Food Game website and click on the Partner Shop section. Here you will see how much gold you have and how much you need to exchange for a specific prize:

VTG Game

This is another game that relates to a completely different site, but the game is played while surfing. The website it relates to is called Viral Traffic Games or VTG. Again this gmae is played on hundreds of traffic sites and this time it appears as a shield icon which you click to play.

When you click on the shield while surfing it will open a new page where you play the game and get the prize for playing it.

Bonus Bites Game

The Bonus Bites game is my favourite because to play you have to catch flying food!! While you are surfing on Hungry for Hits you will no doubt see the flying food at some point…… I have added a pic below to show you what to expect:

Commission Swap

The last thing I want to highlight for you today is the commission swap option. Basically by doing this you are exchanging cash that you can withdraw into cash that you can only use on site to purchase advertising. If you choose to do that then you will get a bonus of 20% so doing this is worth while if you want to save for ads or upgrades etc.

Earning More on Hungry for Hits!

Although you will earn a small amount for playing the games shown above, it is definitely worth doing. The small amounts add up well, especially when you use the commission swap option to get the bonus.

In addition, there are ways to use these small earning amounts to help you build your account so you can earn high levels of commission. I will discuss that in another post….. in the meantime keep earning those pennies when you are surfing!

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