Does Pirate Cash Pay?

I have started seeing quite a few ads for the site called Pirate Cash lately….. and as I am nosey about these things I thought I would have a look!

I had a quick play on the ‘wheel’ and within about an hour I had accrued just over $10.

My scam alarm was going off at this point. Usually earning that is too quick or easy like this turns out to be nonsense…… yet at the same time I can see how this site makes money. It is ad based monetisation which many real sites have.

Time to do some investigating!

With very little effort I found reports that Pirate Cash stops paying when you hit $50 in your account. The payment level is $100 and so if it does stop at $50 then its a complete waste of time. However I am more than familiar with people posting comments about sites that are not true. I am wondering if the earning simply slows down because I have also seen reports that it does actually pay.

There is nothing else for it….. time to try testing it for myself. I love testing sites to see if they are real or not 🙂

Will this site get added to my list of Free Sites That Really Pay? Add your own prediction in the comments below if you want to play the game.

Below I will update my progress to let you see for yourself what happens!

If you want to help me test it knowing the info above you can Join Pirate Cash Here. I will get extra spins for each visit to that link, 5 extra from any sign ups and 20 extra when others complete the email verification.

To use the site yourself you simply play spin the wheel and you can claim 20 new spins every hour.

Progress Updates

Today is 2nd February 2021 and I have $32.65. I have only used the site for about 5 days. Its actually quite fun though it can have some ‘dodgy content pop ups’.

I really like the Scratch and Win option…… I keep winning gold (ooooh arrrrrh lol)

3rd February – I have noticed earning is a bit slower than it was the first few days BUT this has given me a little more belief that it may actually pay out. I know the initial earning levels were unsustainable, so I am quite glad to see the levels reduce.

Today I have $35.02 as you can see below!

4th February 2021 – Earning remains quite slow at the moment and I have just reached $37.53. I am still very much on the fence with this one as to the chances of getting payment. Still enjoying it though!

5th February 2021 – Another day, another few dollars added to the pot! $41.30 is the balance today. I also seem to be getting a lot more of the joker prizes….. I’m quite looking forward to reaching the $50 level to see what happens. Will I stop getting any cash prizes as some reviews state?

7th February 2021 – Today I have $44.71 in my account….. its definitely a lot slower than initial days BUT will it stop the cash prizes altogether when I hit $50 as some reviews state? I am very curious about this now I have to admit!

8th February 2021 – Another little bit added to the balance today. I am up to $46.11 now. Edging ever closer to that initial $50 target….

10th February 2021 – Woooohoooo I made it to $50 in the account today. $50.13 to be exact. The question now is will the account stop building now I have hit that $50 level?

11th February 2021 – Ok so the good news is…… I have now reached $51.24 so the account has not stopped winning cash. I do get less chances on the wheel from the gold claim that is available every hour – 15 now instead of 20.

I seem to be able to add at least $1 per day to this account which is still pretty good considering all I am doing is clicking a spin button. If I can claim $100 in 50 days time I will be delighted. I will do some updates every time I hit another $10 in the account….

February 25th – I have now reached $60.20 in the account.

I have to be honest and say I really thought it would stop adding any cash to my account before now…..

I will keep adding updates to this post on a regular basis for those who want to see what happens.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

7 thoughts on “Does Pirate Cash Pay?

  1. It’s definitely rigged, especially after $50. 15 spins, 1 ticket and 14 empty. An hour and a half later, 15 spins, 1 ticket and 14 empty. Even accounting for my famously bad luck, that just doesn’t add up. The obvious case for it being rigged has to be the 3 chest mini game – over the last several days, I’ve opened a total of 195 chests, and won a prize a total of 7 times (and even then, all 7 were below 50c). Again, even accounting for bad luck, that is not a 1 in 3 chance, nor even remotely close to it. Definitely rigged. So I have serious doubts anything will come of this. I’m going to continue for a while yet, but I’m expecting to receive absolutely nothing from it.

    1. Hi Greg, I agree that the spins are rigged – You win so easily at first and it gets harder to win as you progress. I don’t really expect it to pay either to be honest but will keep going and see what happens. If the only thing that happens is I confirm it doesn’t pay at least I will save some people the time and effort.

      I did discover earlier that you can add links to promote to others – its a paid option but it looks like you can use the on site balance for it. That might actually provide some value at least.

  2. After winning 18c in the last 2 days (doing 12 sets of 15 rolls yesterday and 14 of them the day before), I decided to dig a little deeper into the site this morning, to see if it was worth the approximately year and a half it would take to reach cash out (assuming it doesn’t slow down even more), and read the Terms and Conditions. This section was particularly eye-opening:
    All user balances displayed on the Site must be considered only as a game feature. These balances do not have any monetary value and do not represent any real monetary equivalent.

    All user balances displayed on the Site may not be considered as legally binding.

    You are not entitled to any promised rewards, payments or shown balances until they are delivered. We may, in our sole discretion, decide to not deliver, pay out or otherwise provide you any of the rewards or cancel the rewards program any time.

    Basically, they’re saying, it’s a game, you aren’t actually owed any real money, and they are not bound to actually pay out. So at this point, I’m officially giving up on this one. It’s not worth the tons of pop-ups & redirects my poor browser can barely handle for a site that will pay out *if they feel generous that day*.

    1. I can’t say I blame you Greg the pop ups are annoying for sure. I am tempted to try an ad on the site to see if that is worth doing. For now I am continuing as I am still winning cash daily – feel obligated to keep going for the test if nothing else!

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