Does Earn Tub Pay?

I am at it again……. testing time for another site that I discovered! This one is called Earn Tub and you get paid to watch videos. After spending about an hour on the site after joining I had already earned $22.36!

My scam alarm was going off even as I watched the first video – thats just too much earning for such a simple task. So its time to test once again!

This time I will be able to get results within a few days. The claim level is $80 and so a few hours worth of watching videos and I will hit that level. In addition they pay $1 per free referral. My trusty team of helpers will come in very handy here. If you are willing to help with testing this site you simply need to register for free using the link below:

Click Here to Register on Earn Tub

Link Removed!

As always I will update this post to let you know what happens….. I’m thinking its a too good to be true one, how about you?


Just as I thought…… I was unable to make a withdrawal from Earn Tub. Basically I got to $76 and I have been unable to log in again due to a redirect constantly stopping me:

When I tried using incognito mode however I was able to create a new account and log in without any problem:

So this is one to stay away from – Its being added to my sites that don’t pay list. Hopefully this test helps at least some people save some time and the belief this will pay out quickly.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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