Does 12 Prayers Pay?

I recently came across the website called 12 Prayers, which seems like a very different style of earning site. In my never ending mission to help others find free to join websites that provide easy earning, this site caught my attention. It was the fact they pay $6 to help people get started that attracted me the most. In other words it appears risk free!

Now I do have to say that I don’t particularly agree with religious themed sites. I know some are genuine, but others use it to appear that way, and can literally ‘pray’ on people.

So is 12 Prayers real or not? I feel I have to test it and see if it actually pays……

My main concern about this site is the fact there is no clear method of monetisation. The only source of income that is mentioned is “crowdfunding”. In other words when people put money into the site it is used to pay others. This is obviously not sustainable, and is the main definition of an illegal Ponzi Scheme.

So why bother with testing it at all?

  • It is possible that the admin have invisible sources of funding.
  • I can test it quite quickly and provide the actual results which will protect others if it doesn’t pay.
  • There is no risk unless withdrawal can’t be made without making a deposit – I want to check that bit so others know in advance.

To test the site quickly I have enrolled the assistance of many team members (all using the site for free). If you would like to join in with helping me to test this site you can click here to sign up. All you need to do is start your first prayer cycle using the $6 provided, then complete the manage prayer daily.

Will this site get added to my list of Free Sites That Really Pay? Add your own prediction in the comments below if you want to play the game.

My Progress and Updates

2nd February 2021 – I have completed 3 full ‘prayer’ cycles and more than doubled my initial (free) $6. I started prayer cycle number 4 a few days ago with $13.44.

I was actually planning on trying to withdraw the cash before I started prayer number 4 but I discovered there is a very high withdrawal fee (over $16). I therefore decided to keep building the account to reach approx $35 before attempting to withdraw again. Thanks to my helpful team members joining me in this testing phase that should only take another week or so.

3rd February 2021 – I am now halfway through prayer cycle number 4 so it will complete in 6 more days. Thanks to team members helping me to test this site I have $19.29 in my account balance from commission. I will easily reach $35 by the end of this prayer cycle.

I am highly suspicious of this account….. earning is far too easy. I suspect I will not be allowed to withdraw anything without making a deposit first. If that is the case I am happy to risk my own funds to see if I can withdraw or not. It will be money well spent if I discover they do not pay and I can protect others from losing money.

Tuesday 9th February – My latest prayer cycle completed today and I tried to do a withdrawal. I had $46 in my account and I decided to try withdrawing $40…..

As you can see above I did not have enough in my account to do the withdrawal today. So close but not quite there!

I decided to run another prayer cycle….. so it will be another 12 days before I can try doing the withdrawal again. The good thing I guess is I used $46 for this one and as a result am earning $5+ per day for doing a very quick and easy task.

If this does actually pay at the end of the next 12 days it will be amazing. Fingers crossed!

I will add more updates to this post in the next few days. In the meantime I would NOT recommend adding any funds if you are using 12 Prayers already.

Ellie xx

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