Creating Your First Email List on AIOP

I highly recommend that you learn how to create an email list and use the autoresponder after joining AIOP. It is one of the most lucrative tools provided with your account. Learning to use this correctly will mean you never struggle to make a sale or recruit a team member again.

The first email list that I suggest you add will help you build your email list simply by promoting Elite List Building. This is a much more effective way to start list building than using your own capture page – This is because everyone online wants more traffic to advertise their opportunities to others.

To create your own email list by promoting Elite List Building, click on the autoresponder tab (under toolbox) in your AIOP Dashboard. Go to the create new campaign box as show below:

Fill in the boxes with the details you want. For example the campaign ID could be elbrefs which indicates to you this list is your referrals from Elite List Building. For the campaign name I suggest you use your OWN name along with Elite List Building, so I would use Ellie – Elite List Building. This indicates to your subscribers the email has come directly from you as a result of them joining your email list about Elite List Building. It helps you to start building a relationship with your subscribers when you include your own name in this way.

Lastly the email address you want to use for this campaign should be one that you check regularly as your subscribers will reply to this email address.

When you click on submit, congratulations you have created your first email list within AIOP.

Link List To Elite List Building Site

After creating your email list it is time to link this list to Elite List Building so your referrals automatically get added to your email list.

Step 1 – Activate List

The first thing you need to do is activate the list you have just created. You do this by clicking on the go link as shown below. After you have multiple email lists this will also choose the list you want to work on. You can see the current active campaign just above the campaign list table.

Step 2 – Get Form Code

So your referrals on Elite List Building get added to the email list you have just created and activated you need to copy the code for the form associated with this email list. To do that click on Prospects tab and then HTML form.

On the html form page you can create your own form if you want to, or scroll down to use a pre-designed form. I suggest the latter if you have never used these forms before. Simply click on the form to choose it from the list of options available:

After choosing the form you want to use by clicking on it you will be taken to a new page with the HTML code that you need to copy:

Step 3 – Add HTML Code to Elite List Building

After copying the html code you open the Profile/Add Autoresponder page on Elite List Building, scroll down and there is a box to paste the code into. Use ctrl and v to paste the code into the box.

ALWAYS preview the autoresponder before you update and save the details to make sure the form is showing correctly. Note you will just see the form and not the whole sign up page at this point.

After updating this code your sign up box for your email campaign will be shown to your referrals when they join Elite List Building.

Step 4 – Update The Redirect URL

You now need to update the system within AIOP so your referrals are taken to the sign up page for joining Elite List Building as well. To do this click on account and edit settings. On this page you can change the details for your campaign (such as name and email address), but also update the system to redirect people to specific pages after adding details into the form, and clicking on the subscription confirmation email link that is sent by AIOP automatically.

Here are the settings and redirect urls that I have set up on my AIOP campaign for Elite List building:

The signup url that I have used is – this takes referrals directly to the sign up page on Elite List Building. Usually people would see the click on confirmation email page at this stage, so adding this link will bypass that.

The optin url I have used is – this takes referrals directly to the members login page on Elite List Building AFTER they have clicked on the confirmation email link.

To help overcome the issue of referrals not clicking on the confirmation emails during this process (which allows them to receive your emails) I have added the following reminder to the login page on Elite List Building:

Using these steps and guidance will mean you start to get peoples contact details added to the prospects section of AIOP. The next step is to set up the autoresponder so your emails are being sent to your prospects. I will add another guide for doing this ASAP.

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