Completing Hourly Tasks on Timebucks (Part 3)

If you don’t know already, completing hourly tasks on Timebucks is a great way to boost your earnings on site, especially if you can’t do surveys. They are quick and easy and you can easily earn $1 a day just doing these.

I have already provided some guidance for the hourly tasks in my previous posts, so do check these out as well:

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There are usually 11 hourly tasks that I can complete, so here are the remaining ones:

Tweet something

As the name suggests for this task you are just going to send a tweet. You do need to read the instructions carefully though….

As you can see above you need to copy and paste the reply provided to someone who has already posted. You need to send a screenshot of the tweet you posted as a reply so you get approved.

The screenshot I am sending today is below – notice that it is a REPLY to a tweet and not just a post on my twitter account!

Hourly Search and Click

The instructions for this task tell us we need to click on the link provided and then click again on one of the search listings at the top of the page. Again it is a very quick and easy task!

The screenshot MUST be of the second page open, and not just the search listings. My search today took me to the Warmzilla page shown below. That is the screenshot I send for this task:

This search task is usually available 2 or 3 times so look for the other tasks the same!

Watch a video for at least 1 min

For this task you just need to open a video on Facebook and let it play for 1 minute. As the instructions clearly say make sure your screenshot shows the timer:

The screenshot I am sending for this task now is below, the timer is clearly shown!

As I said in my first post about the hourly tasks on Timebucks, it takes about 10 mins to complete all of them, and in fact you get faster and faster as you do them. You can complete these tasks every hour – obviously it doesn’t suit everyone to work on these tasks all throughout the day, but for others it suits perfectly.

if you can complete these several times per day you can easily earn $1+ per day…..and that means within 10 days you can be working on part 2 of my Simple Success System which teaches you how to turn $10 into $100. Part 3 teaches you how to turn that $100 in $1000+ AND build any online business you choose at the same time.

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