Completing Hourly Tasks on Timebucks (Part 2)

In this post I will be providing you with some more detailed instructions on how to complete specific hourly tasks on Timebucks. I have already provided details on some of the tasks in Completing Hourly Tasks on Timebucks (Part 1)

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Watch YOUTUBE video

As the name of this task suggests, you just need to watch a YouTube video for this one. The instructions are very clear. Watch the video and send a screenshot of the watchtime.

Make sure your screenshot shows the watchtime as requested. It should also show the correct video being played. There are usually 3 or 4 of these tasks available each hour so have a look down the list for the others!

Upvote this comment

While you are on YouTube pop over and complete this simple task too. Can you click on the like button? Of course….. thats it for this task. Look for the highlighted comment, make sure you click it and nothing else, then send your screenshot in for approval.

HOURLY Roll for Free BTC

This is a great task to do because you are getting paid TWICE. It only takes a few seconds to complete it as well.

For this task you will need to have a free account on Free Bitcoin <—- click to join if not already done so! Just login and click the roll button to earn some free Bitcoin. As you can see I currently have over $60 worth of Bitcoin in my account which I earned for free on site.

This time for the proof screenshot you need to send the image showing that you just did the free roll:

Thats it for Part 2 of my guide for completing the hourly tasks on Timebucks. These are soooooo easy and you can do them over and over again. Make sure you add them to your favourites and you will have them done in a couple of minutes.

Want some more task guidance? Click here for another post (coming soon)!

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