Completing Hourly Tasks on Timebucks (Part 1)

For those who struggle to complete surveys, the earning tasks on Timebucks are a great alternative earning option. Today I am going to look at the hourly tasks that are available and add some completion guides for these tasks below.

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How To Find Hourly Tasks

To find the tasks that you can complete every hour, first click on the tasks tab and at the top of the page you will see a filter tool. Simply choose Every 1 Hour from the dropdown menu under frequency:

Here in the UK I have 11 hourly tasks available on the list and these pay $0.097. By spending a few minutes every hour throughout the day I can therefore earn over $1 per day just completing these tasks.

Task number 1

Task Name is: Visit my Website, make a search and stay at least 20 seconds. (Easy Task & Fast approval)

The instructions are very clear about what you need to do – click the link provided and do a search. Stay on page for 20 seconds and provide a screenshot of your search results WITH ads showing.

When you click on the link provided you are taken to the search page as shown below:

When I searched for “Dog Jumper” then I was taken to a list of results, and there were ads showing to the side of the page. This is the screenshot required for this task: (Don’t try to send a copy of my image below, it will be rejected as it has already been sent!)

This task takes a few seconds to complete and submit. Add it to your favourites and repeat as often as possible throughout the day!

Task Number 2

Task Name is: Visit my Website, make a search and click on one result. Easy Task & Fast approval

This is exactly the same task as the previous one…. just follow the instructions above for this task as well.

I recommend checking for more of this task – it is listed at least 3 times for me.

Task Number 3

Task Name is: Visit my web page and click on pictured link. EA$Y HOURLY TA$K

When I click on the link provided I am taken to the download page as shown below. I just need to click the button and take a screenshot of the page I am taken to.

The page I was taken to today was advertising adblock software. This is the screenshot I need to send to complete the task: (Don’t try to send a copy of my image below, it will be rejected as it has already been sent!)

Why Complete Low Payment Tasks?

Each of the tasks detailed above pay a low amount when approved, however one of the main reasons for completing them each day is so I can complete the daily checklist. In the UK I get paid $0.25 per day for completion of the checklist AND another $0.25 for completing it 6 days in a row. It also gives me free premium membership for the following week which pays me a bonus on EVERY earning task I complete.

This makes it very much worthwhile completing the low payment tasks that are quick and easy. The tasks above may only pay $0.001 each, but they unlock a lot more earning on a daily and weekly basis.

Want more hourly task guidance?

As it is possible to earn over $1 per day just completing the hourly tasks on Timebucks I will add another post with some more guidance on how to complete specific tasks.

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