Capture Pages List (and How To Manage Your Ads)

For those of you who are using my capture pages, below is a list of my current campaign capture pages. First let me explain how you can promote many different pages without getting confused.

When you start using traffic sites you should start off by using a single capture page. Test it and see how it works. I have tested all the pages below and have got responses from them all. Now I use a large number of pages and this is how I do it:

Main Promo Pages

The first thing I do is have a small set of main pages that I will be promoting on EVERY site I use. For example:

Elite List Building – I will use 1 or 2 options depending on what suits the specific site. The surfers splash page is designed specifically for traffic exchanges, but the main referral link page will work best on mailers. The $1 – $100 splash page works everywhere.

Harvest Coop – The coop link from this site goes on every traffic exchange site I use. It increases the reach of my ads to sites that I have never even heard of and will probably never use.

These are my top priority and I will always add them first to new sites I join.

Using My Capture Pages

I prioritise these based on the results that I am getting. The page with the highest conversion rate over the highest number of sites is allocated as CP1, the next is CP2 etc.

As the number of ad slots I have available increases as well as the number of ad credits I will add these pages in order. So if I only have 3 ad slots I will use 2 for the links above and the 3rd slot goes to CP1. If I have 6 slots available along with enough credits to run them all I will add CP1 – CP4 as well as the 2 links from above.

On some sites I have a LOT of different pages running, and on some I just have a few, but they are ALWAYS added in order so the top converting pages are shared on the most number of sites.

The list of Capture Pages in Priority Order

CP1 = Ultimate Team Build: (New and Testing)

CP2 = 30 mins a day:  (New and Testing)

CP3 = $1000 in 7 Days:

CP4 = $5 commissions in 5 mins daily: 

CP5 = Daily Success Plan:

CP6 = Love To Surf?: (For ITB only)

There are no share codes provided for these pages as they are feeding rotators for all members of ELB.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

3 thoughts on “Capture Pages List (and How To Manage Your Ads)

  1. Good Job Ellie!

    You said there is no share code provided for the capture pages. Does that mean members can start promoting the links without code. And how can someone import the capture pages without codes. For example, let’s say I want to put any of these capture pages in ITB how do I do it.

    1. You simply share the link as provided in the post. This means everyone is sharing the same page and the referrals gained get shared around using the rotator system.

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