Can I Withdraw $1000 Profit From Neobux?

For those who know me well it will come as no surprise that I have decided to give myself a little challenge to work on….. I love giving myself something to get my teeth into and see if I can make it to a specific goal.

This challenge has been inspired by the number of people who continue to call Neobux a scam despite its longevity online. Personally I believe it is possible to withdraw $1000 profit from Neobux….. so it is time to put this to the test.

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I should start by saying that my relationship with Neobux has been full of ups and downs, frustration and confusion, as well as clarity and understanding. I have tried all sorts of different strategies, and have deposited quite a lot into the account over the past few years. I have also made multiple withdrawals, but have yet to hit a profit.

I believe I do have a good strategy for building the account continuously now, and can make regular withdrawals which take me into profit and beyond. I may of course still adjust my plan depending on results.

Current Base Line – Measurement Of Where I Am Now!

I literally have 3 days left of my Golden Membership upgrade plan left as of today. I have 843 rented referrals and 7 direct referrals. I have withdrawn $425.255 and deposited $1285 which gives me a working total of minus $859.74.

I am earning approximately $4 per day, with variation up to $4.50.

You can see most of this information on the screenshot below:

With just 3 days of my current membership to go, paying for the upgrade again is of course top priority. It is possible to make money on Neobux without upgrading, but it is much easier with the paid plan.

To allow me to pay for another year of Golden membership I have allowed my rented referrals rental periods to drop to almost expired. I also added more Rented Referrals quickly to boost my daily earnings higher. I now have an account that is pretty much at crisis point and close to failure. Thats what I get for not being on top of my planning better!

So can I turn an account in crisis around completely to withdraw $1000 profit? Only time will tell.

Long Term Planning

To reach $1000 of profit withdrawal I pretty much need to aim for a target of $2000. The simplest way to plan for this withdrawal is to reach a daily earning amount, along with a working extension period. I have multiple options to choose from:

  • $20 per day of earning x 100 days extension
  • $10 per day of earning x 200 days extension
  • $5 per day of earning x 400 days of extension

I believe the first is probably the easiest to work on…. though I may change my mind on that when I start working on it.

Short Term Planning

Right now I have 3 days worth of Golden Membership left and I have already got the funds ready to pay for the upgrade. I have withdrawn the funds from Neobux and a bit from my other PTC sites. I know that a promo period is likely to come around at Halloween so I am waiting to see if that happens before extending my membership.

I currently have over 114 rented referrals with 7 days left on their rental period, so the first priority (after upgrade) is to work on extending.

Should I extend for 15 days or 30?

My first question is how long should I extend the Rented Referrals for? I have no option but to work on a short extending time, so 15 days or 30?

114 RR’s with a cost of $0.12 per day for 15 days extending each = $13.68 and 30 days extension cost is $0.22 each = $25.08. Earnings of $4 per day means I should be able to earn enough to extend x 30 days before losing any RR’s.

There may also be a reduced extending cost promo coming within a few days….. so my plan for now is to allow earnings to build in account for approx 5 days. Wait and see if there is a promo or not and go from there.

I will do another post about my Neobux earnings planning as and when I am extending/upgrading.

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