Building Traffic Automation on Traffic Exchanges

Its funny how opinions can change about certain things when working online for a long time….. and a big change for me lately has been about using Traffic Exchanges. I have to be honest and say I thought for a long time they were not as good as mailers and safelists, but now I know better.

It used to baffle me why people spent so much time on Traffic Exchanges when the results from sending emails on mailers seemed to be far superior. However now I know that was a very short sighted view. One of the main benefits of using traffic exchanges over mailers is the fact you can use them to build fully automated traffic……. and that is much superior long term.

Truth is, I don’t want to spend all day online sending emails and earning credits. I want to spend time in my garden, or reading, or playing with Sienna or visiting friends and family. I want to be able to go away for weeks at a time in my campervan and still have my income building. In other words I want TIME FREEDOM as well as FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Traffic Exchanges, when used in the right way, can provide both.

Full Traffic Automation

One of the best sites in my opinion for full traffic automation has got to be Leadsleap. I have had that account running for many years with a pro upgrade which costs me $19.90 per month. That upgrade provides me with a LOT of benefits, but the main one when talking traffic generation is the fact it gives me 20 fully automated advertising slots. Paying just $1 per ad for a whole months worth of quality traffic is an amazing deal. Note that 10 of the ads are paid, the other 10 slots are running on credits.

I should point out that I do get really great results daily from my ads on Leadsleap as well. Based on constant testing it is by far the best traffic site online. For this reason I recommend it is the first site you include in your own automated traffic plan – you can of course start using it for free and build earning to cover the monthly cost when ready to upgrade.

Click Here To Join Leadsleap

The second site I recommend you work on building to fully automated levels is Infinity Traffic Boost. With this site you can surf 100+ pages daily and then use the funds earned by doing that to pay for upgrades. You will earn the upgrades much faster if you also join my team build for this site.

In terms of results, I get 1 signup per 100 hits on Infinity Traffic Boost, which is not quite as good as Leadsleap (1 signup per 25 – 50 hits). Infinity Traffic Boost therefore is the second site in my automated traffic plan.

Click Here To Join Infinity Traffic Boost

The 3rd site in my automated traffic plan is Hungry for Hits. This is a very interesting site and one of the busiest traffic exchanges online. It is certainly the friendliest and it has many additional features that other traffic exchanges do not have. You do have to be a bit more patient to get results from this site in my experience, but when the results start coming they pretty much never stop. Do read my tips post for using this site effectively.

To start traffic automation on Hungry for Hits you can begin with some very low cost options (starting from just $0.20). You can easily earn that in 1 day while surfing and playing the games. Personally I have upgraded to Super Advertiser level on Hungry for Hits, so that runs my ads with unlimited credits.

Automation From Earned Credits

As well as the option to upgrade on Traffic Exchanges to gain automated traffic, there are 2 other methods to make use of.

To start using the first method I recommend joining Traffic Swap. This is a much quieter exchange which is exactly what is needed for this method. Basically you simply need to earn more credits daily than you use. This allows you to build up a large excess of credits which in turn will allow you to run ads on autopilot for days, or weeks, or even months (depending on how many credits you build initially).

Personally I currently have 10 ads running on autopilot here, and have allocated 500 credits to each. This gives me about 1 weeks worth of automated traffic.

While building the ad credits initially you can also earn enough cash to pay for an upgrade. It took me about 3 weeks to earn enough for a monthly upgrade at the first level. My personal plan is to earn enough from surfing to pay for 3 months upgrade, then start to save for the Lifetime level. That will give me enough credits each month to fully automate this site.

Automation from Team Building

The other method of building traffic automation from traffic exchanges is through team building. Most exchanges do give you a % of credits from the activity levels of your own referrals, so the bigger your own team is, the more credits you are likely to gain from this.

Many people work on team building for traffic exchanges for exactly this reason. This is part of the planning I put into my own site Elite List Building – Using that allows members to build teams on multiple traffic exchanges at the same time. This is obviously a much more effective method than trying to build a team on 1 site at a time.

In addition, to help those who struggle with team building I do provide a referral rotation system on Elite List Building for all upgraded members. This alone can build multiple teams for traffic exchanges, and contributes a lot to traffic automation.

Expanding Your Reach

Using traffic automation methods correctly means that you can constantly expand the reach of your ads. When done systematically you gain a method which ultimately results in completely unlimited advertsing – that is something which can NEVER be achieved when you are depending on manual traffic generation methods. There is only so much time each day available to earn credits from surfing. Using a systematic method of automation however removes any such limitations and provides much better results at the same time.

The specific plan for expanding reach beyond the sites recommended on this post will be provided in a few days.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

2 thoughts on “Building Traffic Automation on Traffic Exchanges

  1. Hi! Ellie, please have the time to check if the following referrer are under yours – ELB: (1) Maria Koning – my referrer at IMB w/ID 102739 (2) Paul Rusell – my referrer at ITB w/ ID 20406 (3) Dave Briggs – my sponsor at WTR. If, not what will I do? In order to be aligned with your ELB team?

    1. Dave Briggs is on my team but not the other 2. I have checked and it is ok to have a second account on ITB and IMB. I will post in the group for you to join one of my team members with their ref link!

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