Building OmniRevPTC to $1 a Day

OmniRevPTC is a site that I recommend you use cautiously if you are going to use it at all, simply because several similar sites have failed before. This one does appear to be run well and the admin has several other sites too. You can use these sites in a specific way to reduce the risk of loss, and that is what I recommend you do.

Really there are 2 methods that you can use:

Build From Zero

It is quite possible to build these accounts from zero simply by clicking the ads daily. At the time of writing the daily earnings for clicking the ads is approx $0.03 – $0.04. To build the account you need to purchase $1 ad packs, so it is going to take time to reach your first few $$$.

With each $1 pack you purchase however, you add $0.01 to your daily earnings AND you get a return of $1.30 for each $1 paid. If you are patient and consistent you will reach daily earnings of $0.10, $1 and even $10+ without paying a penny to start. You will also get advertisting for each pack purchased and I highly recommend you use that to promote another website. I use it to promote my website Elite List Building to help my members gain more referrals and income.

Small Deposit Plan

For those of us who are less patient and don’t mind taking the risk of losing a small amount, you can build this account faster. This is the plan I have been following for using this site.

Add $10 – $15 and purchase ad packs or rent referrals. I spent $10 on ad packs and $5 on referrals.

Withdraw initial fund as soon as it has been earned back.

Continue to use the site to build daily earnings purely with onsite funds.

So far I have completed all of the above and have reached 22 active ad packs which earn me $0.22 per day. I earn another $0.03 per day doing the ad clicks.

With these earnings I can purchase a new pack every 4-5 days.

How long will it take to reach $1 per day?

I do want to make it clear that it is going to take time to reach earnings of $1 per day using this method. I have worked it out, and without any referrals you are going to need to spend approximately 150 – 160 days building the account to reach $1 per day of earnings. Each pack expires after 130 days, so you do have to replace those to maintain daily earnings as well.

Personally I am going to take the risk and keep building my account to the $1 per day level. That will give me another $30 a month which I can use to fund something different (and more stable).

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