Building Neobux to $15 Per Day

At the moment I am working on earning $100,000 in 2022, and part of that plan involves reaching $15 per day on Neobux.

If you want to join Neobux to follow my system you can click here to register for free

I have already reached average daily earnings of $8 per day on my Neobux account and have 1588 rented referrals. Usually earnings seem to be approximately 0.5% of the number of rented referrals on Neobux, so 3000 would be required to reach $15 per day.

This adds another dimension to the account because as a Golden member I can only rent a maximum of 2000 referrals. To get 3000 I will need a Diamond membership upgrade. Diamond membership costs an additional $490 per year, so that is something I am going to have to think about further. Regardless, the first step is to reach $10 per day (or 2000 rented referrals).

As I build the number of referrals it is also important that I work on extending at the same time to avoid my account going back into crisis. I have just got the account back on track and I certainly don’t want to run into the same problem again.

Below I will add a daily update to show exactly how I am moving this account forward. You will be able to see how my split extending cycle system works consistently to move rented referrals (RR’s) to longer extending times and reduce daily costs. Also you can watch as my daily earnings (DE) increase to $10+

19th Feb 800 RR’s on 17 days or less – I need to extend 47 per day = $6.11. DE: $8.01

20th Feb 758 RR’s on 17 days or less – I need to extend 45 per day = $5.85. DE: $8.68

21st Feb 699 RR’s on 16 days or less – I need to extend 44 per day = $5.72. DE: $9.14

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