Building High Level Passive Income

When I first started working online I was not only in a lot of debt, but also really scared of being scammed. I was in a position where I couldn’t afford to lose anything – every penny I earned online was precious because it was helping me to survive.

Eventually I figured out that it was impossible for me to work hard enough to create a job replacing income, and that was what I needed. Due to health problems I was also limited in what I could actually do. I needed to find a way to work on building passive income.

As I was so scared of being scammed and losing money I came up with a simple but effective plan. I still use that plan today and it has allowed me to build high level passive income. The plan has 2 main steps:

Step 1 – Earning From Zero

I use free earning sites that pay me daily for doing very simple tasks. Personally I find ad clicks the easiest option for this.

Through using a daily routine with these sites I am able to create what I call “Cash Flow”.

Click Here to View My Daily Routine

Initially I was only able to set aside a very small amount of money each week. With just $1 per WEEK however, I was able to start working on passive income. It was slow but steadily grew. Now I recommend aiming for at least $1 per day of Cash Flow, but it is possible to work on this plan using a lower amount.

Step 2 – Use Cash Flow to Create Passive Income

With $1 per day of cash flow it is possible to build a very high level of passive income.

For example, $1 per day = $30 per month.

That means I can create 3 passive income streams in a month which each cost $10 to start. So, following this principle I can create 36 different passive income streams in a year.

If each of those passive income streams pays out:

$0.50 per day = $6000+ per year income

$1 per day = $12000+ per year income

$5 per day = $64000+ per year income

$10 per day = $129000+ per year income

Of course it NEVER stops growing either. After 2 years the income is $258,000+ per year, After 3 years, $387,000 etc.

All of this is created by using simple free sites to earn $1 per day AND sites that pay passive income on small deposits.

No team building is required to progress with income building, but can speed up the process.

Low Cost Passive Income Sites I Recommend

Free Bitcoin Premium – Start Free (Purchase FUN tokens with free faucet claims)

Multiply Wesa – Start with $3

Better Bits – Start with $10

Smart Trade Coin – Start with $10

Money Making Ads – Start with $10

Crystal Clear Funds – Start with $20

Impulsx – Start with $10

Adpack Share Club – Start with $10

Almost Passive Income Sites (A few ad clicks or log in required to earn ever increasing amounts)

We Share Abundance – Start Free (You are given $2). Daily login required.

Crypto Pros – Start with $5. Daily login required.

Storm Gain – Start Free (Trade with funds from miner). Manual trade required.

Ad Viev – Start Free (Click Ads for BAP and Cash). Daily ad clicks required.

Revsuptime – Start with $1. Daily ad clicks required.

OmniRevPTC – Start Free (Click Ads for cash). Daily ad clicks required.

Team Building

All of the above sites can be used without team building at all, and this makes them suitable for those who can struggle with getting referrals. As with most sites online however, you will earn more, and faster if you do some team building.

To make team building easier for my followers I have created these websites:

Using these sites to help with team building is very simple. Join them for free, update the links inside, and then share them on traffic sites. Doing this will build your teams on multiple sites at the same time.

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  1. Yes I think that the fear of being scammed is a big Fear to overcome. Glad you saw through the fear and have a great strategy combined with rigid discipline to make it all possible. You are a great inspiration to us all.thank you for all your efforts.

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