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I love using PTC sites to build income to high levels, and this year I plan to earn $25,000 just from using 5 PTC sites. I have already built my daily income to over $30 a day on 4 sites, and now it is time for me to start working on site number 5.

As I am just starting to use this site it is a great opportunity for you to literally follow in my footsteps. If you would like to join in and follow what I do day by day then just register for free today using the link below:

Click Here To Join Silverclix

I have chosen this site as it has already been online for several years and so I know the admin has the right level of experience to make sure this is a stable site. I have used it for a couple of days just to get a feel of it, and I am happy to recommend to others now. As you can see below I have earned just $0.20 with this site so far:

The site is pretty simple to use, and works like most PTC sites. In other words you click ads to earn a small amount, and you add rented referrals to build income levels to higher levels. On this site the menu is hidden to the side so just click the 3 lines to open that as shown below:

How To Click Ads on Silverclix

For those who are not familiar with PTC earning already here is a guide to doing the ad clicks on Silverclix:

Open the side menu by clicking on the 3 lines and click on PTC Ads to open the ad click page. You will see a grid of ads like the image below:

Click on the orange bar which says visit advertisement and it will open in a new tab. You will see a loading ad and viewing ad notification with a timer at the bottom, and this turns into a validation notification when the timer ends. Click the correct image in the validation notification to receive your credit for viewing the advert.

You will only receive credit for your click when you get to the validated notification:

As you can see on the validated image above I received $0.002 for this ad click.

To build your account to higher income levels you will need to add rented referrals (and/or direct referrals) so you start to earn from the clicks these team members complete as well.

Adding Rented Referrals

On Silverclix you can rent 5 referrals for $1, and with a free account you can have a maximum of 100 rented referrals. You do not have to upgrade on this account to benefit from having rented referrals as each member is paid the same amount for RR clicks. This makes it a very good starter account for learning how to use PTC sites effectively.

If you want to start using the account and build it from onsite earnings then you simply need to click the ads until you have earned $1. If you want to speed up the earning process you can look at the paid surveys, ad prizes, cash game, getting paid to promote, quizzes, clixgrid or the paid to sign up offers. Each of these options can earn you more and are a great way to get your account moving a bit faster than just doing the ad clicks.

My Earning Plan and Progress

The first thing I will be working on is building my account to $1 so I can rent 5 referrals. I will let you know below when I have done this, and will add my next step as well.

To follow my earning system with Silverclix just keep checking on this post for my updates and do what I do…… simple!

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