Am I Making Progress with Neobux?

As I am sure you know by now, I am working on my $100,000 plan this year and step 1 is to get 5 of my PTC sites up to earning $15 a day. This is a long process which needs to be done slowly or it can easily fall apart. I got quite a sharp reminder of that when my Neobux account reached crisis point because I was trying to move it forward too fast.

Read about the crisis point I hit, and how I planned getting the account back on track in post: Help – My Neobux Account is in Crisis!

So am I making progress with Neobux? That is the question I need to ask myself now. You can see my current earning and withdrawal levels in the banners above. I started 2022 with $4945.76 of earnings, so I know I am making money, but am I moving forward? This is not always the same thing which I discuss below.

I can only know if I am making progress when I start off with a clear goal.

Goal Setting

One of the main things you need to be very clear about with PTC sites is where you want it to be so you can constantly check progress. Its very easy to just keep going round and around without really getting anywhere, so my advice is to have very specific targets to reach.

At the moment I know I want to reach earnings of $15 per day, but how? Also earning $15 per day and being able to withdraw from a PTC site are 2 very different things. You can be earning $15 a day and not be able to withdraw because of account maintenance costs, so do I want to reach an earning level or a withdrawal level?

Actually the goal I really want to reach right now is withdrawing at least $1000. After that I want to be able to withdraw on a regular basis so I can fund the second part of my $100,000 plan. To withdraw $1000 I need to have daily earnings of $10+ per day AND have my rented referrals extended over 100 days. You can see already this is a lot more specific than earning $15 a day. It also helps me to manage my Neobux account much better. It was having the $15 a day target that took me into crisis.

Monitoring Progress

After I know the goal I want to reach I can now start to check on progress, and can even work out when I will reach the goal. This is important to know so I can start planning the next step in reaching my main $100,000 target.

Daily Earnings

First of all I can check if I have reached my daily earnings level. When I look at my stats it is easy to see the answer is no. I am currently earning a maximum of $8.80 per day from my rented referral clicks ($0.01 per ad click) and roughly $0.20 – $0.30 per day from my direct referrals. Right now then I will say I have breached the $9 in 1 day level, so am moving closer to $10+ per day.

Ok so I know I need to add some more rented referrals to help me reach the $10+ per day level, but thanks to my recent crisis I know I need to do this slowly and carefully.

I need to make sure that the exending of rental times for my current rented referrals is managed correctly first, before adding more fuel to the fire as such.

Rented Referral Extending Time

I know I want to reach the point where all my rented referrals have been extended to over 100 days. I have already been working on this and now have 125 over 100 days.

As you can see from the image above the remaining rented referrals have 25 days or less remaining on their rental time. As I have 1591 rented referrals I know I have 1466 still to extend over 100 days.

Progress Planning

Now I know where I am with my goals for Neobux, I can work out a plan for moving forward. First of all I know I currently need to extend at least 59 rented referrals per day (1466 divided by 25 days). I also know that is going to cost a minimum of $7.67 per day ($0.13 multiplied by 59).

To move forward I want to extend some rented referrals by at least 90 days. At the moment I know I have about $1.30 of free funds daily (though that could be less on lower click activity days). Thats only enough to extend 2 per day by 90 days.

If I want to be able to extend more each day by 90 days I need more earning, right?

I have 5 ways I can get more daily cash:

  • Rent more referrals
  • Increase the time I have to work on extending the remaining referrals
  • Try to increase activity levels of current referrals
  • Complete other earning activities such as surveys
  • Add funds to my account to extend more referrals over 100 days

Can I Rent More Referrals?

The most obvious option to look at right now is renting more referrals. Can I do this without causing a crisis on my account?

Experience tells me that I can. Adding more rented referrals now will actually do 2 things:

Increase daily cash AND increase the time I have available. In other words I am not adding more pressure to my extending, I am reducing it.

Here is a simple way to check:

If I add 100 rented referrals I will have 1566 that I need to extend. The time I have for extending increases to 29 days instead of 25 (because I will have 100 new rented referrals).

Now 1566 divided by 29 days = 54 instead of 59. This figure is lower which reduces my daily costs for extending to $7.02. At the same time I am likely to reach $9.50 per day earning levels.

Now I have $2.50 ish to extend by 100 days = 4 – 5 per day I can do instead of 2.

By adding more rented referrals I can actually speed up the process of reaching all extended over 100 days AND I move closer to my $10+ per day target as well.

Decision made…… time to save for 100 new rented referrals. Or I may just add some extra funds to my account!

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