Affiliate Marketing – Why Do So Many People Fail To Make A Single Sale?

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful way to make money online, and is one of the most lucrative options around. Its also a very popular method of promotion used by a lot of companies, so you can be an affiliate and sell pretty much anything you want to.

Some marketers make money every single day with affiliate marketing, but many people who try to use this income stream struggle to make a single sale. Why is that?

A Personal Story

Many years ago now, I came across this thing called affiliate marketing, and thought WOW this is amazing. I can make money without the hassle of making products, trying to sell them then having to post them off, and having to deal with customers reporting no delivery. I should say I was working on Ebay mostly at the time and got very frustrated with the whole system.

When I found out about affiliate marketing I just loved the concept – I could do the promoting part and make money, while someone else could do the rest. So I quickly looked for some affiliate options which I could start sharing with others, and popped my brand new affiliate link onto Facebook. I was convinced this would make me lots of sales.

Not a single person even commented on my post never mind bought anything.

I tried everything I could think of…… and I used to sell a LOT of stuff on Facebook, so I knew what I was doing marketing wise. Yet my affiliate links got not a single click.

I moved on to trying to use traffic sites for affiliate marketing, and still nothing.

Fast forward a few years and I can and do make affiliate sales on a regular basis. I have even made sales of products costing $1000+ and sell items quite often that others really struggle with selling too. So what changed?

I Learned Affiliate Marketing Requires Specific Marketing Skills

Basically I set out on a very interesting and somewhat complicated journey when I made no sales. I was determined to learn more about affiliate marketing and why I was failing so badly. It sounded like such a simple thing to do, but I just couldn’t get it to work.

The frustration was driving me mad, but also fueling my desire to learn.

What I learned was affiliate marketing is actually a very specialised niche. There are certain things that you need to learn how to do to make it work:

  • Clear Targeting
  • Effective Advertising Systems
  • Understanding of the Customer Needs
  • Clear Communication
  • A Good Method of Follow Up

Clear Targeting

First and foremost you need to understand targeting and how it actually works. Most people think targeting is something that works when the marketer decides who will be interested in a specific product. Actually it is the other way around, and the customer decides what they are interested in. The marketer just learns to figure out what that is.

Effective Advertising Systems

After you understand about your target audience, and figure out what the customers are interested in, then you can create effective advertising systems. Most people think that advertising is about convincing someone to buy a product, but its not. Advertising is about tapping into the desire that potential customers already have. That is what makes them effective.

Understanding Customer Needs

Customer needs are central to marketing effectively. For example, many people try to talk to me about making money online when they want me to join their team…… yet I have no need to make more money, so they are completely focused on the wrong thing when they are talking to me. Learning that customers have different needs and how to find out what they are is an important skill for affiliates to have.

Clear Communication

This one is quite fasinating actually, something as simple as saying BUY TODAY has a very different meaning than BUY NOW. When you learn to really look at the words you are using when communicating with potential customers you can become a lot more effective as a marketer.

A Good Method of Follow Up

Its quite amazing how many sales are lost because of a lack of follow up with customers who are ready to make a purchase. As a marketer you need to understand that the customers timeline for making a purchase is not always going to match the time you advertised to them. Over 80% of sales are made in the follow up.

You Need to Combine These For The Effective Marketing Campaign

An effective affiliate marketing campaign is one which combines all of the above. Each part has to be in place for a campaign to actually work…… and that is why most people fail to make a single sale with affiliate marketing.

It took me years to learn the skills individually, and then more time to learn how to put them together effectively. Affiliate Marketing is actually quite complex as you probably now understand.

How To Make Affiliate Marketing Sales Without Spending Years Learning?

I know you are impatient and just want to start making sales ASAP. Yes I am sure you want to learn the skills above as well, but if you could just start off with a few sales happening for you each day you would be delighted right?

Luckily there are people like me who are happy to put together full marketing campaigns and share these with other people who have not yet built their own skill levels.

I am personally in the process of creating an affiliate marketing website which not only teaches the skills, but will allow you to make sales while you learn. It should be ready to start using within 2 – 3 weeks. If you want to join this site (it will be free) please add your name to my email list for sending out invitations and info:

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