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Todays post is a guide to adding your first emails to the autoresponder section of AIOP. To do this you need to start off by creating a campaign list for your subscribers to be added to. The emails that are written to be sent to these subscribers, must be scheduled within that email list. This is not a difficult task, but needs to be done carefully to avoid issues.

Within your AIOP dashboard click on the toolbox tab, and then choose autoresponder in the drop down menu. This will take you into the AIOP response dashboard. There, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have selected the correct campaign list for adding the emails to. Today I am adding emails to my Elite List Building campaign, so I click on GO to the side of that campaign list and double check that it is showing at the top. I then click on edit autoresponder tab:

This will open a page with the text boxes for writing the email as shown below. This page will also have a list of the emails saved to this campaign already, but only after you have added them. This is the area that also allows you to edit those emails at any time.

Writing the emails in the autoresponder section of AIOP is very much like writing an email using any regular email provider. You start with the subject line, adding it in the small box provided, and then add the main body of your email in the large box. You will notice there are a couple of additional features that you may not have seen before:

  • Message Type – Here you can choose to write in plain text or in html enhanced. You can switch between the two by clicking on either option.
  • Disable – This allows you to add emails to the autoresponder section which will not be sent to your subscribers automatically. That is very useful to use if you are writing emails in draft form first, and stops unfinished emails being sent to your subscribers. You can also disable emails that you discover do not work well, or have issues such as a high spam score. I will explain more about that after some emails have been sent to my subscribers.
  • Interval – This is what allows you to schedule your emails, and you need to pay close attention to this. If you have multiple emails added to the same campaign with the same interval they will all be sent on the same day.

Email Writing Tips

There are a few things that you should take into consideration when writing your emails. First of all the subject line is the MOST important part of your emails. This is because without a good subject line the email itself is not likely to be opened and read at all. You should bear in mind that quite often your subscribers may be getting other emails from other email lists that they have subscribed to.

Writing a good subject line is something that you will learn over time, by paying attention to the open rates of your emails. There are a few things that I can teach you in advance however. For example, you should avoid things like writing the whole subject line in capital letters, and adding a lot of exclamation points. Although you may think doing this will attract attention to your email, in fact what it does is increase the chances it will not reach the inbox of your subscribers at all. Emails like this are often filtered out by email providers and get marked as SPAM.

Good subject lines are those which make your subscribers curious to find out what is in the email. Also emails that are designed to provide information and value will often have good open rates.

As I am adding my first email to my Elite List Building campaign today, I want to make the subject line friendly and clear who it is from. Personally I like to keep this very simple and will write a subject line such as: Welcome to Elite List Building

The body of the email should also be friendly and kept short. It should NOT contain a lot of important information, or a lot of links either. In fact I would go so far as to say your first email should not contain ANY links at all. The purpose of this first email is to set the scene and begin your relationship with your subscribers.

Here is the email body that I have written for my first email. Feel free to use it as inspiration for writing your own first email:

Hi there, its Ellie here from Elite List Building (ELB). Thank you for confirming your subscription to my email list today. The emails that I will be sending you are designed to help you make the most of your membership of Elite List Building. Although the site is still quite new I have a lot of experience in list building and email marketing, and I really look forward to sharing my tips with you.

Unlike many emails that you may receive from other marketers online, I will not being trying to sell you things all the time. I like to provide my subscribers with actual useful information and guidance. In addition I will be including some promo codes for free advertising on ELB from time to time as well. So you don’t miss out on my emails I suggest that you whitelist them or mark them as important. You may even like to create a filter in your email account so all my emails are saved for you in one place.

I really look forward to getting to know you better, and please feel free to reply to my emails at any time. I love hearing from subscribers as it helps me to make sure the emails I send are of benefit to you.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

(Creator and Admin of Elite List Building)

Follow Up Emails

I have thought long and hard about providing a pre-written email campaign which you can just import into your AIOP account. I have decided against doing this simply because it does not teach you anything about email marketing. Also many copied email campaigns are not updated correctly. They are by nature not personalised either, and that in my opinion is a big mistake.

I also do not want to leave you to it without any additional guidance. Email marketing is most definitely a skill that needs to be practiced and learned over time. For this reason what I will be doing is sending emails to my subscribers which can be copied and adjusted. Within the emails themselves I will be guiding you on how to write your own emails, and providing tips to help with open rates and sales or recruiting conversions too.

If you have not joined my email list already for Elite List Building, have not confirmed your subscription to my list, or want my emails to reach you at a different email address then you can add your details below:

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