A Tour of The AIOP Dashboard

When you register for an account with All in One Profits (AIOP) the first thing I suggest you do is have a look around your dashboard. This post will help you to navigate the site and understand what each section is for.

When you log in you will see there are 8 main sections in the dashboard on AIOP:

  • Finance
  • Account (Members Home)
  • Toolbox
  • AIOP Guide (training section)
  • Advertising
  • Referrals
  • Downloads
  • Support

Finance Section

As soon as you log in the finance section is the first thing you will see. Most of this is self explanatory, but I want to draw your attention to the downline and referrals numbers as shown in the image below.

On AIOP there is a pass up system which means you can build a very large monthly income with just a few referrals. For example, when I took this screenshot I have referred just 3 people, (2 active referrals) but have a downline of 17. This means I am earning $170 per month. I point this out to show the earning power that AIOP has as an opportunity in its own right. Additional income can also be made by using the tools provided.

You can also clearly see that the next referral that I personally get is due to be passed up to my upline.

Members Home

Use this section to make sure your personal details are up to date. Also for paying your monthly account fee, changing the level of your membership and claiming your commission. The language option is very useful to help international members you may recruit.


This is one of the main sections that you should spend time on. Learning how to use these tools will allow you to promote any other opportunities you may be involved with. The email marketing tools especially are very popular with members of AIOP. Note that the wordpress website section can be accessed via the products tab. A website created here can be used to do many different things, including selling products by writing reviews, creating an ecommerce site, writing blog posts such as this, and earning additional income.

AIOP Guide

There is a lot of very useful information in this section and it is worth spending time here. You can learn a lot of marketing skills as well as how to actually use the tools provided on site.


When using AIOP it is a good idea to make use of these additional tools and inform your team members about this section as well.


If you are promoting AIOP to build your income then this section is vital to your success. You should contact your referrals and your downline to offer support and guidance as soon as they register. Also use this section to monitor what is happening with your team.


The downloads section is at the top of the dashboard screen and contains very useful information about the compensation plan in AIOP. These can be sent to potential team members or your own downline when they have questions about income.


The last section in your dashboard that is important to know about is the support section. If you have any questions or issues that your upline can’t help you with then support is provided to help you with anything related to AIOP. I have found support to be extremely useful.

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