$64,000 Team Build Success Plan

Did you know that the majority of Team Builds ultimately fail for 2 reasons:

  1. There is usually a high drop out rate when members don’t get the results they want fast enough. This is especially the case when there is a regular cost involved.
  2. Members are not taught how to, or choose not to promote effectively for themselves.

The solution to these problems in my opinion is the use of multiple rotators. In other words a method which stops a large build up of people waiting for referrals to be allocated.

For my $64,000 Team Build I am introducing the use of “mini rotators” which will run alongside the main rotator which I am promoting. The mini rotators are put in place by each team member when they have gained their first referral. These mini rotators will have just a small number of links included and will be promoted by each individual team leader.

Creating the Mini Rotators

For this system I recommend using the rotator system provided by Hungry for Hits. It is free to use and works effectively. To set up the mini rotator click on Advertising in the main menu and then choose Tracking. This is where you will add the referral links of your direct team members from Infinity Traffic Boost. You should only add the links of ACTIVE team members, so if they are not surfing on ITB then do not add their link to the tracking section. To add the tracker, give it a name (persons name or username etc) then add the link and click on the add tracker button:

When you have added at least 2 trackers (you can add your own ref link if you have only 1 referral to add initially), then you can create the rotator.

To do this click on Rotators and complete the form to start a new rotator. I suggest calling it Infinity Team, then click the create Rotator button.

When you have created the rotator you can add the trackers to it so these sites get shown in rotation when someone clicks on the special link you will use to promote it.

To add the trackers click on the add/edit sites button and then choose the sites from the list of trackers that you have added already. Make sure to click the update rotator button at the bottom of the list to add the sites you have choosen.

After adding some sites to your rotator you now promote the special rotator URL which is shown in the box above.

Promoting The Rotators

It is possible to simply share the rotator URL on various traffic sites and in emails etc, however it is MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE to promote the instruction page instead.

My own instruction page is provided on this blog as shown here: Surf 100 for $64,000 however if you do not have a blog already where you can copy that blog post, you can simply take a copy of this Google doc and update the rotator link with the one you have created.

If you have your own lead capture page you can link this instruction page to that using the redirect option.

If you have any questions or need extra guidance for creating the mini rotator for your direct referrals please let me know below!

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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