44 New Team Members!

On 5th April 2022 I started working on a Team Build project for Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB) and am delighted to say it is working very well already.

I do like to clearly show the progress being made when working on such a project, so today I am providing an updated screenshot of my account.

Screenshot 19th April:

As you can see the total downline members has already increased to 617. This means my downline has increased by 44 people in the past 14 days (Since starting the team build project).

Screenshot 5th April:

In addition I can confirm that my own direct referrals list has become much more active. Today there are 6 paid members on my direct referral list as well as active surfers. I am currently earning 28 surfer shares per day (14 shares from my own surfing of 140 pages):

I anticipate the increased activity levels will continue through the levels of my team thanks to this team build project. Already the first team member has reached 4 active direct referrals as well (others have received active team members too).

I am delighted to say everything is progressing nicely!

If you would like to join the team you can do so using this link:

Click To Join The Team

All active team members are added to this referral rotator until they have 4 confirmed active referrals.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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