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For those of you who are working on list building (or building your email list) you will already know about using capture pages. If you don’t already know then you really should learn more about it. I will be writing a post about why you should use them and how in my next blog post for you. Today I am sharing a capture page that I have started testing (along with some initial results).

The capture pages that I like to use are simple because they tend to stand out more than those with a lot of “bells and whistles” and I find they are very effective.

The page I am testing at the moment is my $100 for you page. This is being used to promote Elite List Building where I run a referral rotator to promote for my members. Those who have upgraded to Gold level (costing $10) and above, are included in the rotator and stay on it until they have earned $100. Those who have purchased VIP level stay on the rotator forever.

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The page I am using for this promo is:

If you want to use this capture page yourself you can import it into any account on Leadsleap using the share code: knVwWVkMU

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Is this Capture Page Working?

I have just started testing and so far I have got a few new subscribers using this page.

It has worked on the following sites for me:

Timebucks (6 subscribers from 90 hits)

Traffic Swap4U (1 subscriber from 184 hits)

OmniRev PTC (3 subscriber from 33 hits)

Infinity Traffic Boost (4 subscribers from 402 hits)

Leadsleap (3 subscribers from 103 hits)

Success Surf (1 from 36 hits)

It has not worked on the following sites yet (I will keep sending hits):

Hungry for Hits (2308 hits)

Championshits (364 hits)

Harvest Traffic Co-op (1282 hits)

Herculist (50 hits)

Finest Traffic (207 hits)

Members Rule (181 hits)

Misty Hits (105)

I will continue testing on various sites and will update this page with results ASAP.

If you find this post useful I am sure you would enjoy my website Elite List Building – I share lots of info like this (and much more) on site for my members. You may also like to subscribe to my blog updates!

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  1. Yes, Elite List Building is becoming more wonderful and lots of earning, list building strategies to learn.
    Thank you, Miss Ellie for your passion to help ANYONE to become successful working online.

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