$10 A Month List Submitter – Does It Work?

I recently came across an ad online for a list submitter option which sounded like a great way to get ads seen on many traffic sites for a low monthly fee of $10. You may have seen the ad? It looks like this:

The ad goes on to say “This automated system will drive visitors to your site from over 400 top traffic exchanges, paid to click site, credit based safe lists and viral mailers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”. It highlights the high number of members your link will be promoted to as shown below:

I have to be honest and say I don’t often buy traffic this way, but I knew if it worked it would give my readers a simple, time saving and cost effective way to boost their traffic levels.

Does it Work?

I set about testing the traffic purchase straight away by using a capture page from Leadsleap. I have used this option for many years and trust the tracking it provides.

Here are my results:

Day 1 – 11 hits, 8 unique and 4 considered as real. 0 opt ins

Thats certainly not a great start for traffic that is advertised as coming from 2,835,000 people…… however I know sometimes things can be a little slow to start. For now I am happy to see some hits happening!

I submitted my link again after 24 hours as the system allows.

Day 2 – 17 hits, 13 unique and 4 considered as real

Ok so already I am thinking there are much better traffic options available which can be used for free….. For example Harvest Co op – that will get your links shared on 1500 different sites.

Day 3 – 30 hits, 23 unique and 8 considered as real

I have to be honest…… that is really not good. Its disappointing to see such bad results when actually it is quite easy to get better results for less cost as well.

For example here are the results I have got from Infinity Mailer Boost in 1 day using the same capture page:

35 hits in 1 day, 26 unique and 30 considered as real. Most importantly 3 opt ins also gained.

The first level upgrade on Infinity Mailer Boost costs less than $5, allows you to email daily without having to click links etc and also lasts for a month….. That makes it very comparible to the Safelist Submitter.

For those promoting Safelist Submitter as affiliates, well I can only assume they have not actually done any checking for themselves. I prefer not to promote something unless I know it works and provides good value to my readers.

My Opinion of Safelist Submitter

Honestly I have seen enough…… I am off to ask for a refund. There are plenty of good traffic options available already. Its a big don’t bother with this one from me.

Sorry to the vendor – you need to do better!

Ellie xx

3 thoughts on “$10 A Month List Submitter – Does It Work?

  1. Anyone reading the big dogs ebook knows that these email submitter offers are worthless just a way to make money for the site owner, always upgrade to the top advertising option, using mailers that have a proven response rate

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