Free Sites That Really Pay

If you want to start working online using free to join sites there are a LOT of them you can choose from. Sadly a lot of these sites either don’t pay at all, or are not very stable and close taking all your hard earned cash with them.

This is a list of free sites that really pay and I have checked the admins reputation. The admin of these sites have been around for long enough to understand how to run their sites more effectively than those which pop up constantly and fail after a few months.

This page contains referral links – just click on the site name titles to be taken direct to the sites. Note that I will often earn a small amount of referral commission if you use these links, at no cost to you. Rest assured I have tested each site myself.


This is one of my favourite free sites, though I have to admit it took me a little time to warm to it and see the earning potential. I have now withdrawn just under $1000 from it. There are many ways to earn and the admin work hard to keep adding new earning options that work worldwide. As a result there is something on site for everyone.

Earning Tips for Timebucks

  • Take the time to try out each earning section
  • Read the notifications for updates, bonuses, tips etc
  • Create a daily earning routine that suits you
  • Do the quick and simple tasks first (Daily Poll, Ad Clicks, Paid Searches)
  • Try to complete the checklist for cash bonuses
  • Try out different survey tabs if you find one is not working well for you
  • Use survey tabs that pay you for disqualifications

Posts about Timebucks:

My Timebucks Strategy – Earning More by Doing Less

Video Guides for Earning on Timebucks

I have created many videos to show how to use the different sections. Note some sections may have changed slightly due to site updates:

We Share Abundance

This site will pay you from $0.01 – $5 per day just for logging in. Anyone can build to the $5 per day level within about 10 weeks. At first I was highly suspicious of this but it really does pay.

Earning Tips for We Share Abundance

  • When you join set up your profile and WESA wallet to get $2 free
  • Log in daily
  • At the beginning of the month purchase into as many pools as you can (starts at $2 cost which can be earned during set up)
  • Read any emails in your inbox (usually there are just 1 or 2 a few times a month)
  • Join the Facebook Group for extra info and guidance

Storm Gain

This site is all about learning how to trade Cryptocurrency, but thanks to a high paying and semi automated miner you can start for free.

Earning Tips for Storm Gain

  • Activate the free miner every 4 hours
  • Watch the guidance videos
  • Use the demo account to start trading while you learn

Posts About Storm Gain:

Storm Gain Gives You Free Money & Teaches How To Trade Crypto

Free Bitcoin

This is one of the oldest and most popular Bitcoin faucet sites. Its very easy to use to claim free Bitcoin, but also has many other sections and bonus options.

Earning Tips for Free Bitcoin

  • Claim free Bitcoin every hour
  • Use the multiply Bitcoin section very carefully as you can loose all earnings easily
  • Check the emails for extra ways to earn and win
  • Use the reward points to boost your earnings


This is quite an interesting site that will pay you more for regular use. There are multiple bonuses that you can purchase as you progress.

Earning Tips for Cointiply

  • Complete the Faucet Claims as often as possible
  • Do the PTC clicks
  • Use the multiply game cautiously as you can loose all earnings
  • Check the surveys and offers payment levels on Timebucks before completing as they often pay more


This is a great site for earning Bitcoin which focuses mainly on PTC ad earnings. Higher rates of pay for the ads on here than many other sites.

Earning Tips for CoinPayU

  • Complete the PTC ads daily
  • Check the Faucet and Catch a Cat sections under ‘more’ in the menu


One of the few free 100% passive earning options available online. It basically pays you for unused data.

Earning Tips for Honey Gain

  • Activate the app on computer and mobile to maximise earning


This is actually an extremely well run advertising site but it also has multiple ways to earn, including PTC.

Earning Tips for Leadsleap

  • Surf 10+ pages daily and you will earn approx $0.05 – $0.10
  • Create a link tracker and share it on other sites to earn passively from promoting
  • Share the site on other ad sites to get paid referrals
  • If you have a website of your own add a widget. You will get paid whenever anyone clicks on any ads

Ad Viev

Earning Tips for Ad Viev

Will be added soon…..


Earning Tips for Neobux

Will be added soon…..

Scarlet Clicks

Earning Tips for Scarlet Clicks

Will be added soon…..

GPT Planet

Earning Tips for GPT Planet

Will be added soon…..

Optimal Bux

Earning Tips for Optimal Bux

Will be added soon…..

Penny Adz

Earning Tips for Penny Ads

Will be added soon…..


Earning Tips for CoinPayU

Will be added soon…..

Paid Verts

Earning Tips for Paid Verts

Will be added soon…..

PTC Share

Earning Tips for PTC Share

Will be added soon…..


Earning Tips for Swagbucks

Will be added soon…..

Ad Exchange Leads

Earning Tips for Ad Exchange Leads

Will be added soon…..

Infinity Traffic Boost

Earning Tips for Infinity Traffic Boost

Will be added soon…..

Infinity Mailer Boost

Earning Tips for Infinity Mailer Boost

Will be added soon…..

Bap Money

Earning Tips for Bap Money

Will be added soon…..


Where Do You Start?

Here I am again at the start of another new website, wondering where to start…..

I have a general idea about what this new site is going to be like, but to be honest I am just planning on going with the flow. I know if I don’t just start then I could manage to put it off for dear knows how long. If you are also wondering about where to start here is the best piece of advice I can give you:

Just get on with it is my motto. If you never actually start then you will never get anywhere, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I know it can be a bit overwhelming to start working online. There are so many choices available and you want to make the right one. Guess what? The only wrong choice you can make is not starting. Especially when you are talking about free to join sites and programs. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’, don’t wait until you know everything there is to know. Make a choice, open an account and START. If you don’t like it then move on, if you don’t understand it then ask questions.


Need a suggestion?

Click here to Join Free Bitcoin

On the site click the Free BTC tab at the top.

Scroll down until you see the roll button.

Click it……

Congratulations you just made money online!

I guess thats both of us past the first step…..

How easy was that?

See thats how easy working online can be…. you just need to TAKE ACTION! No putting it off until ‘the perfect time’, no waiting until ‘you are ready’. Literally 2 mins is enough time to get started right now…..

Ok so as you have probably noticed already, I’m the kind of person who believes in making earning online as SIMPLE and PAINLESS as possible.

I even give away lots of cash to those who follow my system. I firmly believe in giving those who need it a hand up to make things easier.

If you like the sound of that I recommend you click here to join my Free Money List.

Ellie xx

Using Infinity Mailer Boost Effectively

Infinity Mailer Boost is what is known as a safelist advertising site. That means it uses one of the most effective methods of promotion online – email.

You can register for free on Infinity Mailer Boost and use the system to promote any site, program or product you choose (within the terms) without upgrading. You can also earn commission with a free account.

Click here to Join Infinity Mailer Boost for Free

After registering on Infinity Mailer Boost you will be taken to the dashboard which looks like this:

Although it looks quite complicated, its quite simple to use when you follow my guidance:

Step 1 – Earn Ad Credits

When you want to promote something to the other members of Infinity Mailer Boost you will need to have enough ad credits to do so. You can earn advertising credits by reading the emails sent out by other members.

To do this click on the green Read Messages button as highlighted in red below:

This will take you to a page with a list of the last 200 emails sent out by the members. Each of these can be opened to read by clicking on the message subject. A new window pops up with the email to read and a link which the member is promoting.

To earn advertising credits for reading the email you need to click on the link inside the email. This will open a new page with a timer bar showing at the top. When the timer bar counts down then a colour box appears and a word under the bar tells you which colour you should click on.

When you click on the correct colour then you will be awarded some credit. You will also see a continue reading button:

Everytime you read 10 messages you will earn what is called a reader reward share pool award. This will add funds into your account balance on the following day, which can be withdrawn or used to purchase advertising on site. In the image below you can see that I earned 10 reward pool shares for reading 100 emails today. I also have over 10,000 advertising credits in my account.

When you have earned sufficient advertising credits you can send an email to the other members.

Step 2 – Sending Emails To Other Members

You should aim to send your email to at least 250 members so your message appears on the read messages page. If you have a free account this might take a little time to reach, but it is worth waiting as you will get much better results.

To send an email to other members you need to click on the send mailing button:

On the following page make sure that you see the “ready to mail” notification. This shows you are qualified to send an email now.

Do check the important information section to make sure your email meets the terms of the site. You don’t want your account to be closed on you for breaching the rules. Then scroll down to the email box area:

Tips For Sending Emails on Infinity Mailer Boost

Just a few quick tips to help you with your emails:

  • Use the personalised from option instead of the viral hosts ones.
  • Make sure you can send your mail to at least 250 members so it shows on the read messages page.
  • Use a subject line that encourages people to actually read your email.
  • Keep the email as short as possible but make it increase curiosity levels of the reader.
  • Give a call to action such as click the link below, check it out now etc.
  • Make sure your link is correct and it opens to an activated capture page before you send the email.
  • Add a tracking code to the end of your link which indicates the traffic site used. In this case I added /IMB to tell me it is from Infinity Mailer Boost.

Infinity Mailer Boost is an excellent traffic site that ALWAYS gets me great results when I send my capture pages to the members. I do hope you find it equally effective and you have found this post useful.

Ellie xx

Are You Making Progress or Spinning Your Wheels?

Working online can be an amazing way to create financial and time freedom, but it usually takes a bit of time and effort to see results. So how do you know if you are wasting your time, and even your money while you wait on the results you want?

The main way to judge this effectively is to check your progress on a consistent basis.

Today I want to talk about ways you can check if you are actually making progress, or identify if you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

First things first, you need to have some kind of measurement system in place so you can actually monitor change. The easiest way to do this is to set goals or targets that you want to reach.

When I say you need to set goals and targets, I don’t actually mean the big ones. Its not about saying you want to reach $10,000. Its about setting small realistic short term goals which you can definitely reach within a few days or a few weeks.

Have You Set A Realistic Short Term Target?

Often people just start working online without giving themselves a realistic short term target. Having a goal of “making more money” doesn’t count…..

Considering the majority of people working online never actually make a profit, and can in fact lose money trying, I think it is very important to set yourself a low level short term target. I know there is a lot of talk online about visualising yourself as rich, not limiting yourself by setting low goals etc, but having a low level short term target is the only way that you can check if you are actually getting anywhere or not. It is NOT limiting to aim for a realistic goal which you can continually increase when achieved. In fact this will keep you motivated and forever moving forward.

I suggest a first short term goal of $10 (or £10 etc). That is a PROFIT level to aim for and not a sale of $10 by the way….. there can be a very big difference. Plenty of people can make a $10 sale if they spend $100 on advertising to get it….. that is not a profit.

Fact is if you can make a profit of $10 online then there is a very good chance that you can do that over and over again. $10 is also a great stepping stone amount which can be used to earn more.

Most important however is the fact that you have either made $10 profit or not. Its a yes or no type of situation and a clear measure of progress.

What Does Progress Look Like?

As just mentioned the idea of making a $10 profit is a clear measure of progress. Earning $1 in profit or $100/$1000 etc is also a clear measure of progress. However, it is important to note that not all progress looks like dollar bills. For example you could have set yourself a learning goal to achieve, or a specific number of team members to reach.

Sending 100 emails is another type of goal, and joining 10 groups or forums related to your topic or product of choice is another. In other words there are a lot of ways you can actually measure progress. The main thing to keep in mind is a clear and measurable picture of what progress looks like FOR YOUR GOAL.

Without a clear picture of progress it is impossible to answer the question about if you have reached it or not. It should be very obvious – a yes or no answer is required.

Progress and Motivation

One of the main reasons to track your progress clearly is because of the feedback loop that it creates in your brain. A positive feedback loop will release feel good chemicals that make you want to continue, and a negative feedback loop does the opposite.

If you really want to keep working on a goal then you need to have a positive feedback loop to help push you forward. Reaching small realistic targets is the easiest way to create a positive feedback loop. You know without a doubt that what you are doing is working and it motivates you to keep going. Without that positive reinforcement motivation can be lost and you soon find yourself becoming distracted or giving up completely.

The Just Do More Myth

So many times people who feel like they are not making any progress with their earning system are told by others “You just need to do more”. Another popular saying is “Success is just around the corner”.

To be honest there are definitely times when people do need to do a bit more work, but mostly they need to do something different. A very smart man once said “If you keep doing what you always did, you will always get what you always got”.

It makes no sense to keep doing something that does not work. You will still get nowhere by doing more of it. Doing something that works some of the time, but not always can also be a recipe for disaster. It gets confusing and frustrating and that will create a negative feedback loop.

Yes SOMETIMES doing more can lead to better results, but you need to do more of the RIGHT things.

How do you know what the right things are? They are the things that get results regardless of the size of the result. When you know what is getting results, THEN you can do more of it and that will allow you to progress. Even if it is slow progress, moving forward consistently is what will get you to where you want to be.

How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels?

If you find yourself in the situation where you have stopped moving forward, or if you are moving backwards which can happen too, its time to stop. Its not always about stopping completely, but give yourself time to think and analyse. What is going on? What is holding you back?

Be realistic with yourself and ask if you are doing something that works or not? Are there alternative options to try? Can you ask someone for advice on what to do? Are other people getting consistent results with this method?

All of these questions will help you to analyse what is going on.

Only you can decide if you can actually do more or not, but make sure you are doing more of what works. Set those small targets and measure how far you have moved towards them.

If you are not reaching those small realistic goals, like earning $10 or adding 10 people to your contact list, then you need to take a serious look at what you are doing. If you are in fact moving backwards….. like if you are paying $100 to make a $10 sale then STOP what you are doing immediately.

Go back to the drawing board and create a new plan. Make sure you are making progress by measuring your results against small goals which you continually increase. That way you will soon reach those big goals that you want to achieve.

Do let me know below what goal you are working on right now. Are you making progress? If not I am sure I can give you some guidance to help you turn that around!

How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 2)

Its time for the second part of my Timebucks earning guide which is designed to help EVERYONE earn $1 per day, regardless of country. If you haven’t already done so I recommend you do read Part 1 of this earning guide which you can find here:

How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 1)

In part 1 I focused on some very simple earning options that I know are available for everyone worldwide. Today I will be focusing on another section which has much higher earning potential, and is available to all as well:

Earning Tasks

This is a great option for earning much higher level income than the simple ad clicks and slideshows I discussed in Part 1. The earning tasks section of Timebucks generally offers members the chance to earn a minimum of $10 – $20, yet it is very underused.

Thanks to members of my Facebook group I was able to check the earning levels available in various countries:

  • UK – $25.66
  • Philippines – $19.24
  • Spain – $24.69
  • India – $43

To use this earning section you need to click first on the Earn Tab, then Tasks. The first thing I suggest you do is turn on the daily email notification for latest tasks as shown below. Even if you do NO earning tasks just clicking on the link in this email can win you up to $250 in cash.

Filtering The Task List

Next I recommend you use the filters provided to help you manage the tasks list. Without using these you will have a lot of tasks showing in the list and it can be difficult to manage it effectively when there are so many tasks showing.

The way I like to use these filters is to create myself a to do list which I mark off when completed. Aim to clear each section so start with the categories which have the least number of tasks showing. In the example below that is Testing and Review.

Systematic Task Completion System

The way I look at the task area is as a systematic completion system. By that I mean I will ‘process’ each task on the list, sorting each one into either a task to complete, or a task I don’t want to do.

Lets look at the way I process each task, starting with the one that is available under testing. Today this task is showing as Peer2Profit and I will get paid $0.05 for completing this task. You can see this listing below:

The first step to completing the task is to click on the green view button. This will open the information about how to complete this task as well as things like how many times it has been completed already. This Peer2Profit task is showing as new and has never been completed by other members.

The campaign details section tells me important information such as this campaign is available every 7 days. Also there are no rejected submissions. That is useful to help you consider how easy or difficult it is to complete this specific task when other members have tried it already.

The next thing to do is to read the preview of instructions for the task. This will allow you to decide if you want to actually try completing the task.

In this case the instructions are:

Advertisers Instructions:

-sign up to peer2profit
-download the software
– earn at least 0.50$

The link to sign up is also shown.

So you can get paid for this task you MUST click on the green button as shown AND carefully follow the instructions provided. You WILL NOT get paid if you just click through the link to join.

As the instructions on this task state that I must download an app and earn $0.50 before I get paid $0.05 for completing the task I decide this one is not for me. I click on the hide this task link to remove it from my list of tasks.

I consider this task as now processed.

Now I move to the next category which is Review. This time I have 2 tasks available. I follow the same steps as described above and decide to go ahead and try to complete the first one.

The instructions for this task are:

  • search “shubh labh sarees mathura up india ” on google..
  • Give 5 star rating and positive comment and upload screenshot of showing 5 star rating..
  • Provide your account username and screenshot both
  • see the image for review on right business name

To complete this task then I need to open google search and copy over the search phrase provided:

The search results show a business with a Facebook page and google reviews. To leave the review I click on the other reviews link as shown below:

When I click on this link it opens a pop up window where there is a write review button showing. I click on this and as the instructions ask, I mark 5 stars and write a positive comment…..

Now I have completed the task as instructed I need to provide the proof that has been asked for in the instructions. For this task I need to “Provide your account username and screenshot”

I believe this is where a lot of people go wrong with the tasks option on Timebucks. Sometimes it is because the instructions are not clear. For example which account username do I need to provide? My Timebucks one or my google one?

I will provide both on this occasion to help the member confirm that I completed the task and he knows which account to approve the payment to.

I also provide a screenshot of the review that I have left. You can see below the proof of completion that I have provided for this task:

Right now the task is pending approval. I just wait now and see if it is approved.

Should the member not approve my task then I can ask for it to be reviewed by Timebucks staff. This means members decision can be overruled if staff consider the task to have been completed as per the instructions.

As this task is submitted and pending approval it will no longer be showing on my task list. Therefore I consider this task as ‘processed’ and I can move on to another task.

I know that people can struggle a bit with the tasks section of Timebucks and I would like to help with this as much as possible. I have created a Facebook group where members can discuss the earning tasks with each other and get help with completions. Feel free to join us there.

How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 1)

As most of my readers know already one of my personal favourite free earning sites is Timebucks. There are many reasons it is my favourite site, but the main one is the fact that the admin does a lot to make sure EVERYONE, regardless of where they live, can actually earn and withdraw a decent amount of cash.

I do get a lot of people saying they can’t earn on here, can’t do surveys etc, so today I am writing a guide to help people earn at least $1 per day on this great site. I have made different parts to this guide so each one is not too long.

Completing Part 1 will earn you approximately $0.20 – $0.50 PER DAY. Remember you only need a single $10 for my Earn $1000 plan so its well worth working on this.

Lets start with the absolute basics and go from there:

How to Register on Timebucks

You can use Timebucks on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Simply click on my referral link here: https://timebucks.com/?refID=214943533 and you will be on the sign up page. You can choose to sign up using Facebook, or your email address and a password that you choose. Its just a simple form to complete as you can see below. Make sure you tick the I’m not a robot captcha box and click the green sign up now button.

Note that you can only have ONE account on Timebucks.

First Steps To Earning

After registering your account, and confirming your email address, it is time to start earning. Log in to your account and you will first see the Dashboard page. To find the earning options that are available click on the earn tab:

Clicking on the Earn Tap opens a new page which has 9 main earning areas. These are:

  • Surveys
  • Content
  • Tasks
  • Refer
  • Offer Walls
  • Ali Express
  • Interests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Premium

Sometimes new sections get added. This is because the admin is always working to make earning easier for site members, and tries out some new things.

The first things I suggest you complete are:

Daily Poll & Ad Clicks

Everyone can complete these simple tasks. Follow these instructions:

Daily Poll

To complete the daily poll make sure you have clicked on the surveys tab. Here there will be a large list of survey companies. This list can vary depending on where you live. Here in the UK it looks like this:

To find the Daily Poll you can look down the list, or click on the RATE column heading which will reorganise the list according to the payment rate.

The Daily Poll pays $0.005 and is a single question. To complete it click on the START button. Read the question for the day and choose an answer from the choices provided.

You will now have earned $0.005 which shows at the top of the page in your wallet balance.

Ad Clicks

To complete the ad clicks you need to click on the content tab. The number of ad clicks and the amount you can earn from these varies depending on ads submitted by members. In the image below you can see there are currently 12 ad clicks that I can complete and I will earn $0.03 for completing them. Usually I have about 30 – 40 available and can earn $0.08 – $0.10 for completing them. I have already done lots of ad clicks today…..

To earn the cash available for each ad click you need to click on the green view button. This will open a new page where you will view the ad. You MUST keep this page open for the time highlighted in red (in this case for 5 seconds). Closing the page before the timer finishes means you will not get paid. There is a sound indicating when the timer is finished and you have been paid – always wait for that.

New adverts will show on this page when you have completed the ad click. Continue to view the ads until there are none left to view. More ads will often be available throughout the day.

You should now have earned approximately $0.05 – $0.15

Next I suggest you go to the paid searches page. You will find this under the content tab.

Paid Search

In this section you will be paid to search for products online. You can search a maximum of 20 times daily, but must wait for 30 minutes between searches. The timer shows when you can search again.

To complete a paid search just add the product name in the box and click search. You MUST search for real products – in the example shown below I searched for striped cushions.

Make sure you tick the I’m Not a Robot captcha box if it shows so you see the products you searched for. You need to reach the Bing search page to be paid:

The payment rate for completing the searches is different in various countries. Here in the UK I get paid $0.01 per search so can earn $0.20 in this section. I believe the least you can earn from doing 20 paid searches is $0.10.

Instead of waiting for 30 mins for a new search to be available I suggest you move to the Slideshows section when you have completed a search.


Again this earning option is under the content tab. Click on Slideshows in the menu to access this option.

To complete a slideshow click on the green view button and a new page opens. You MUST view 7 pages of the slideshow to get paid. On each page scroll to the bottom and you will see a timer or a green next button.

Click the next button when it appears. After 7 pages are viewed the slideshow will close automatically and you will have been paid. A new slideshow will become available when the timer finishes after 10 minutes.

Again the payment rate varies by country and I earn $0.01 per slideshow completed. In the UK I will earn $0.20 for doing all 20 of these. I believe the least you can earn from doing 20 paid slideshows is $0.10.

By completing part 1 of this guide you should have earned a minimum of $0.30. Please let me know if the payment rates for these tasks are different in your country so I can adjust this guide accordingly.

Now it is time to move onto Part 2 of my earning guide which provides much higher earning options. Click here to continue How Anyone Can Earn $1 Per Day on Timebucks (Part 2)

Done For You Free Earning Ad Campaign (Emails)

As I said in my previous post, knowing how to create an effective ad campaign is the main reason that professional marketers make a lot more money than people just starting out in this industry. To help offset this barrier to success I have created a completely done for you ad campaign that I have tested a lot and I know to be extremely effective. The campaign includes a capture page that is designed to attract a free to join target audience, and multiple follow up emails.

To get a copy of the capture page I have created please follow the instructions on this post: Done For You Free Earning Ad Campaign

In this post I am providing the instructions to get a copy of my emails.

Remember this ad campaign can be adjusted to help you build a team on ANY earning website that you choose. I will explain more about how to adjust the campaign to suit the site you want to promote in another blog post.

To use my ad campaign yourself you will need to have a free account on Leadsleap – you DO NOT need to upgrade to use this system. The free account will provide you with everything you need for your ad campaign.

Please click this link to join Leadsleap if you have not already got an account.

Follow these simple steps to get a copy of my ad campaign emails:

Step 1

After joining Leadsleap you will need to navigate to the List Manager Section of the site first of all. Clicking the List Manager link just provided should take you straight to the correct place, or you can click on list manager on the site menu. On the List Manager section click on the blue add a new list button as shown below:

Step 2

When you click the add new list button a form will pop up for you to name the campaign that you are about to create. Add a name such as Free Earning Campaign ( I advise using the same name as you used for your capture page) and click on the blue add now button:

Step 3

When you have added a new list you will see it on the list manager page as shown below. You need to click on the Activate List Button first:

Step 4

Another pop up form will appear where you need to fill in your own details and request an activation code:

After you have received the activation code enter this into the box on the pop up form. Complete the other details, then tick the agreement box and click save and activate button. Note that you MUST add a REAL address to comply with the law:

After your list is activated you can now import a copy of all of my emails for this campaign. To do this click first on the double envelope icon and then on the import button:

To get a full copy of my emails for this ad campaign you will need to use the Share Code xsGWNwVw and click on Import Now button. This will import my emails into your Leadsleap account.

I am constantly adding new emails to this campaign so use this import code frequently to make sure your email campaign is up to date. Use the Add to existing episodes feature to avoid losing your own edits on emails already imported.

Add A Welcome Email

For your campaign to work correctly you will need to add a welcome email which is sent to your email subscribers as soon as they register and confirm their email address. To do this click on the single envelope icon as shown below:

A new page will open with 2 sections. The first section is the Welcome Email and you need to click the little pencil icon to set this up. DO NOT touch the Verification Email section unless you know what you are doing.

When you click the pencil icon it will open the email editor box which looks like this:

Here is a copy of the welcome email I suggest you use. Just copy it into the email editor boxes as directed.

In the Subject Box delete the text already there and enter this subject instead: So You Want to Earn $1000 Over and Over?

In the Email Body Box delete the text already there and enter this email instead:

Welcome to this extremely effective earning system.  It has been created by Ellie Murphy who has over 10 years experience of working online, and has helped thousands of people to earn a real income online.  Should there be a different name at the end of this email it is because this system is shared with others to help them be successful online as well.  If you want to copy it too (and I recommend you do) then you will find the instructions here: https://ellenormurphy.com/done-for-you-free-earning-ad-campaign/

Now how does the system work? 

Earning $1000 online really doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to follow a simple system or strategy that actually works!

This system has paid me (Ellie Murphy) $1000 over and over again AND has also gained me over 3000 team members on one site, and over 1000 on each of 20+ more sites.  

It is Free, Simple and it Works for All. 

This system is designed specifically to help you with earning on MULTIPLE earning sites at the same time, without it taking a lot of time and effort.  You can adjust the system to make it work for building practically ANY earning site online (more about how to do that in later emails).  

For now you need to know that the FIRST part of the plan will teach you and your team how to promote effectively and how to create cash flow without spending a penny you have not already earned online.  DO NOT try to skip over this or the system will not work….. 

The income potential is MASSIVE ($10,000+ to $100,000+ level) BUT you need to follow the plan properly for it to work.  Note that earning will start slowly at first – This is NOT a get rich quick scam, if you want to lose money trying to make money fast then look elsewhere. 

Within these emails you will find 10 different earning plans that are proven to reach $1000.  Each of these earning plans use a simple approach that everyone can follow and replicate.  They basically provide you with a blueprint for success online.  

These are REAL earning systems that I (Ellie Murphy) have created from scratch using my knowledge gained by working online for over 10 years.  There is no hype, no false promises and I tell it how it is.  

Follow one of these systems and you will earn $1000, follow all 10 and you will earn $10,000.  Keep using what I teach and you can make $100,000+

These systems work for everyone who follow them properly, so the choice is yours.  Listen to what I have to say or don’t – it makes no difference to me, but it WILL make a big difference to you.  

System 1 (Building Cash Flow and Automated Traffic)
This is broken down into 3 main steps: 

Step 1 = Turn $0 into $10
Step 2 = Turn $10 into $100
Step 3 = Turn $100 into $1000

For Step 1 we will be using Timebucks as this site works for EVERYONE when you follow my guidance.  

Join Timebucks Here: https://timebucks.com/?refID=214943533

Register today and you can start making money DOING NOTHING.  
More info about how that works in tomorrows email, so keep an eye out for that. 

In the rest of my emails I provide extra earning systems as well as lots of tips and information about how working online actually works.  I recommend reading them so you can develop your earning skills.  I will teach you things like how to get unlimited numbers of referrals the easy way, how to get ACTIVE team members, how to sell affiliate marketing products successfully, how to build a team on ANY earning site you choose, and much much more.  

I am sure you will find the information I provide extremely useful, but if you don’t enjoy my emails for any reason do take a moment and unsubscribe from my email list. 

In the last box where it says Preview Text, just delete the text from there.

Click the save changes button and your welcome email is ready to go.

Connect Capture page with Email List

Now you need to return to the page manager section so we can link your capture page to the email list you have created. To do this click on the launch editor button as shown below:

On the page that opens there will be a highlighted notification telling you to click on the Invalid ID box.

In the pop up section click first on blue get list ID button, then click on the List ID of the earning campaign you created. I called mine Daily Guide to Earn $1000.

The list ID number will automatically be updated in the enter list ID box.

After doing this you MUST save the update by clicking on the green save button on the top right of the screen:

Congratulations you now have an advertising campaign that will be sent to your subscribers automatically.

Check The System Works

To make sure that your ad campaign has been set up correctly I highly recommend being your own first email subscriber. To do this simply click on the link that is showing on your Page Manager ad campaign section and enter your own details in the subscriber boxes. You should immediately get an email to confirm your subscription. Click the link inside and you will be sent the welcome email that you copied into the system

Update Your Referral Links Inside the Emails

It is important that you DO NOT share your capture page until you have checked and updated the emails for this campaign. You need to change the referral links inside to your own links so they build your accounts for you.

Note that with a free account on Leadsleap you can only use the find and replace option. To be able to edit the entire email to your own choice you will need to have an upgraded account on Leadsleap.

To use the Find and Replace option simply look though the emails and find any referral links I have added. I have kept these as the full link to make it easier for you to find them. Enter the full link as copied from the email in the find box then click the Find ALL button. After searching enter your own ref link in the replace box and click REPLACE ALL button.

In the example below I searched for my Timebucks Ref Link and you can see it has found 10 matches. Enter your own ref link for Timebucks in the replace with box and click replace all button for all of these ref links to be updated to your link.

After you have updated the emails with your own referral links then the ad campaign will work on autopilot to build your team for you. This is what keeps increasing your earnings when you are consistently promoting your capture page on traffic sites.

In my next blog post I will be providing you with the instructions of how to use this system to promote ANY site, or ANY affiliate product you want.

In the meantime….. Happy Promoting and Earning!

Ellie xx

Done For You Free Earning Ad Campaign

One of the main problems that people face when working online, especially as a beginner, is knowing how to create an effective ad campaign. Its a skill that is learned over time and most definitely places the professional marketer at a distinct advantage.

When it comes to creating an ad campaign there seems to be a lot to learn at first, and this puts most people off. Yet having an effective ad campaign can really make the difference between success and failure.

To help offset this barrier to success I have created a completely done for you ad campaign that I have tested a lot and I know to be extremely effective. The campaign includes a capture page that is designed to attract a free to join target audience, and multiple follow up emails.

This ad campaign can be adjusted to help you build a team on ANY free earning website that you choose. I will explain more about how to adjust the campaign to suit the site you want to promote in another blog post.

To use my ad campaign yourself you will need to have a free account on Leadsleap – no upgrade is required to use this system. The free account will provide you with everything you need for your ad campaign.

Please click this link to join Leadsleap if you have not already got an account.

Follow these simple steps to get a copy of my ad campaign:

Step 1

After joining Leadsleap you will need to navigate to the page management section of the site first of all. Clicking the page management link just provided should take you straight to the correct place, or you can click on page manager on the site menu. On the Page Manager section click on the blue create a new campaign button as shown below:

Step 2

When you click the add new campaign button a form will pop up for you to name the campaign that you are about to create. Add a name such as Free Earning Campaign and click on the blue add now button:

Step 3

When you have added a new campaign you will see it on the page manager page as shown below. You need to click on the Add A New Page Button in the middle of the campaign section:

Step 4

Another pop up form will appear where you can choose to add a blank page or import using a Share Code. To get a full copy of my ad campaign you will need to use the Share Code ftdNkXU and click on Import Now button. This will import my capture page and emails into your Leadsleap account.

Just after you import the page you will see a message saying this list does not exist, just ignore this for now because we will be creating the list in a few moments.

The capture page that you have imported into your Leadsleap account looks like this:

To check you have imported the page and it is ready to use simply click on the link that is showing on your ad campaign section:

The link provided on your campaign section is the one that you share on traffic sites to get subscribers to your email list. Should the link not work check that the status of the page is showing as active (bottom right corner). If it says inactive simply click the arrows to activate your page and check again if the page is showing when you click the link.

It is important that you DO NOT share your capture page until you have checked and updated the emails for this campaign.

Please click here for instructions on importing the emails that go along with this capture page and campaign.

A Daily Guide to Earn $1000 Online Without Any Starting Costs

So….. I want to earn $1000 online, and maybe you do as well. There are many options available to use for this target.

To show that it is possible to earn $1000 online without costing anything to start I will be providing a detailed guide and daily updates. Feel free to join in with this earning challenge at any time.

If you would like to receive my guide and updates via email you can subscribe using the form below:

Day 1

Starting from $0.00, the first thing I need to do is give myself a step 1 target. It is important to work on a small amount of cash flow to get the plan started – I am aiming for $10 – $20 for step 1 to get things moving.

When I want to earn a little cash flow I hit some of my most trusted free income sites. The first one that comes to mind is Timebucks. If you want to use an alternative free site or more than one, then check out my list of Free Sites That Really Pay

I will be aiming for a withdrawal of $10 – $20 by completing simple tasks on Timebucks each day. You can read about the earning tasks I will be doing here: My Timebucks Strategy – Earning More by Doing Less

At the end of Day 1 I have $2.18 towards my $10 goal.

Day 2

For this plan to work properly it is VITAL to start promoting properly as well as working on the cash flow. This means building a contact list of people who are also interested in working on the plan. To do this I recommend you register on Leadsleap and use the free tools provided to set up a capture page and email list. If you want a copy of my capture page and emails you can use the share code ftdNkXU

This is the capture page I will be using for this plan:

In addition to setting up the capture page and email list on Leadsleap I will be using the advertising on there to start promoting my capture page. Personally I have a paid account on Leadsleap so my ad will run 24/7 after adding it. You can use the advertising for free as well just by surfing for ad credits.

At the end of Day 2 I have earned $3.14 towards my goal of $10 – $20. I also have 11 people who have joined my email updates list.

Day 3

From today onward my daily routine will consist of 2 things:

  1. Earning a little money using free sites. This creates the cash flow that is needed to move to step 2 of the earning plan where earning is much higher.
  2. Promoting my capture page on traffic sites. This creates my contact list of people who are interested in following my earning plan.

The amount of promoting that I do each day will determine how fast I reach $1000. The more I promote the better this plan will work. For that reason I will be aiming to earn just $0.50 – $1 per day on Timebucks and will focus my time more on promoting my capture page.

You can promote your capture page on any traffic sites that you like to use. I will be adding my page to multiple traffic sites each day. Today I added my capture page to the following traffic sites:

Leadsleap (runs automatically)

Herculist (sent email)

Website Traffic Rewards (login ad)

At the end of Day 3 I have earned $5.93 towards my goal of $10 – $20. I also have 24 people who have joined my email updates list.

Day 4

I am delighted with my progress so far. Within just a couple of days I am over halfway towards my step 1 cash goal, have a good number of new email subscribers, and have already started to get new referrals on Timebucks and Leadsleap. It is due to having referrals on Timebucks that I have earned almost $6 in a few days without having to spend much time on the site myself.

By promoting this plan consistently I will soon be earning $10+ every week on Timebucks without any personal activity required. Earning $10+ every week on Timebucks will really help me to reach $1000 a lot faster.

Today I will promote my capture page on the following traffic sites:

Leadsleap (runs automatically)

Herculist (sent email)

Website Traffic Rewards (solo ad)

Infinity Traffic Boost (surf ad – unlimited credits)

At the end of day 4 I have earned $7.23.

Day 5

So far everything is going well with the plan. I am pretty sure that I will make it to my $10 target either today or tomorrow. As I missed the payment schedule for this week on Timebucks I won’t get it until next Thursday, which gives me another 5 days worth of earning.

Now I am close to having $10+ available it is time for me to start looking at step 2 of this plan. I have some decisions to make about how to use my initial funds to move my earning up to the $100+ level ASAP.

I will also be promoting my capture page as normal. So far I have 34 new email subscribers which has converted into multiple new referrals on Timebucks, Leadsleap, Infinity Traffic Boost, Herculist and Website Traffic Rewards.

Today I will be using the following traffic sites:

Leadsleap (runs automatically)

Infinity Traffic Boost (runs automatically while I have credits)

Herculist (sent email)

Hungry for Hits (Allocated 1000 credits)

Easy Hits 4U (Allocated 600 credits)

At the end of day 5 I have earned $10.47 on Timebucks.

Moving To Step 2 – Earn $100+

After earning $10 – $20 using the free sites option it is time to start working on step 2 of this earning plan. Basically step 2 is all about using the initial funds earned to create leverage. Being able to turn a small amount of cash into a larger amount is the key to becoming successful online.

For this part of my earning plan I aim to turn $10 into $100.

There are many options I can use to achieve this target, but I am choosing to focus on advertising this time. Advertising is one of the highest demand products online, which will make this plan work quicker than the others. You can also find advertising sites that pay high rates of commission.

This time I will be using Infinity Mailer Boost to purchase advertising with the funds earned on Timebucks. I will purchase Traffic Package Option 2 on Infinity Mailer Boost (cost $10.62 via Payeer payment) which gives me over 2000 advertising credits. This package pays 80% commission for referral purchases (as long as you have read 10 emails to activate the commission boost) which means I need just 12 sales to earn $100.

Of course the advertising credits can be used to advertise anything you want to promote. Infinity Mailer Boost is a very high quality ad site and I always get good results when I promote there.

How To Move Past The Brick Wall When Working Online?

I’ve hit a brick wall….. an obstacle that is standing in my way and holding me back from making progress. It has stopped me dead in my tracks and I don’t know how to get past it.

We all come up against barriers to making progress. Facing these obstacles and overcoming them is a part of life, so you certainly need to be prepared for something to get in your way when working online. Things happen, sites close, or rules and regulations change, and it seems to happen just when you feel like you are getting somewhere.

After working online for many years now, I am no stranger to obstacles. Sometimes it feels like all my time and effort has been needed to get past some of these obstacles in the past, but this time I feel well and truly stuck.

In my experience the way to break through the brick walls that we inevitably hit when working on a plan that has gone astray involves several steps:

  1. Identify what happened as clearly as possible.
  2. Examine the brick wall from every angle.
  3. List the issues one by one. Break them down as much as possible.
  4. Decide if the problem, or problems can be tackled or not.
  5. Ask for the opinion of others.
  6. Create an alternative plan of action.

As I am currently facing a brick wall I will now follow these steps myself.

What Happened?

It was quite a few months ago now that I decided to try and make earning online a lot easier for people who were struggling. I came up with a plan that was designed to change lives, and it literally took off like a rocket. It was so successful in fact that I was nowhere near prepared for the demand. I made a few mistakes along the way and tried my best to rectify the situation and get back on track, but the huge momentum that was created was impossible to stop.

It was like a runaway train hurtling towards imminent disaster.

For someone who is very invested in helping others succeed this was the last thing that I wanted to happen. I ended up having a complete mental health crisis and the only thing I could do was shut down and withdraw from everything I was doing.

It has taken me a long time to recover sufficiently to even start thinking about how I can fix the mess that I created. I am now feeling able to take the first tentative steps to fixing it, I am just very unsure about how to do that. I am hoping following the steps as written above will help me figure it out.

Examine the Brick Wall

When I spend time thinking about what is actually stopping me from moving forward I can see multiple aspects:

  1. My mental health is top of the list as I feel extremely vulnerable at the moment.
  2. I am worried that I am not well enough yet to make big decisions or clear plans, especially ones that impact on other people.
  3. I feel shame associated with the failure of my plan.
  4. I feel guilty about letting other people down.
  5. I lost the funds that people paid for the plan when the site I put it into disappeared overnight

List the problems

  1. I can’t put myself at risk of further mental health deterioration.
  2. I don’t trust my thoughts or ability to make appropriate decisions or plans right now.
  3. Negative comments, messages and emails from those who trusted my plan, although are completely understandable, just make me feel worse. Links to problem 1.
  4. I don’t have the funds to refund everyone at the moment. Links to problems 1 and 2 as I need an alternative plan to resolve this.
  5. My reputation is in tatters. Trust I built up over several years is gone. Links to problems 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  6. I don’t know how to move forward.

Are the Problems Insurmountable?

Although I feel like it is an impossible task to overcome right now I also know part of that is just about overwhelm. The problem feels so big while I also feel very unsure about my own abilities. When I look at the problems individually, and in a smaller form (as listed above) I am reasonably confident that I can fix at least some of them.

The one problem I know I can fix for sure is number 4. I know how to make money online. I need around $1000 to refund the money I lost. That part I know I can do.

Ask for the Opinion of Others

One thing I know I am not good at is asking for help. By publishing this post I am hoping to gain the opinion of others who work online. I already know the opinion of some of my Facebook group members – The majority want me to look after my own health first. Certainly any plans I have moving forward need to be a lot less reliant on me doing all the work…..

Alternative Action Plan

I am going to start working on this by generating ideas and discussing them with people I trust to help me gain perspective and clarity.

This was a very difficult post to write but I do feel better for having done it. If nothing else is achieved from it, at least I have put some of what I am feeling into words.

Infinity Traffic Boost Earning Plan

I recently started working on a plan to withdraw $20,000 from Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB).

Click Here to Join Infinity Traffic Boost

My plan follows the 100% no deposit required method of earning. To show exactly how this works here are the calculations:

Based on the current surf pool share level which is around 5 – 8 satoshi as shown below:

Earning 5 satoshi per surf share = USD $0.0019836830 at todays value

Surf 100 pages = 50 satoshi per day = USD $0.0198175 ($0.02)

TPO1 = Costs Approx $2

100 days of surfing without referrals to upgrade.

(you can also speed this up by claiming Free Bitcoin on other sites daily)

With active 4 referrals also surfing 100 pages per day = 18 shares x 5 satoshi = 90 satoshi per day = $0.0356546070 ($0.03 – $0.04)

50 – 60 days of surfing with 4 referrals to upgrade

Using On Site Funds To Upgrade To The Top

Of course the higher earning levels come when you start purchasing the advertising packages on ITB. You can use this system to purchase your way to the top level. Here are the calculations:

Purchase TPO1 = Approx $2

4 refs purchase TPO1 = $8 and 80% commission = $6.40

Purchase TPO2 = Approx $5

4 refs purchase TPO2 = $20 and 80% commission = $16

Purchase TPO3 = Approx $10

4 refs purchase TPO3 = $40 and 80% commission = $32

Purchase TPO4 = Approx $20

4 refs purchase TPO4 = $80 and 80% commission = $64

Purchase TPO5 = Approx $40

4 refs purchase TPO5 = $116 and 80% commission = $92.80

Purchase TPO6 = Approx $80

4 refs purchase TPO6 = $320 and 80% commission = $256

Purchase TPO7 = Approx $160

4 refs purchase TPO7 = $640 and 80% commission = $512

Purchase TPO8 = Approx $315

4 refs purchase TPO8 = $1260 and 80% commission = $1008

Purchase TPO9 = Approx $635

4 refs purchase TPO9 = $2540 and 80% commission = $2032

Purchase TPO 10 = Approx $1265

4 refs purchase TPO 10 = $5060 and 80% commission = $4048

Purchase TPO 11 = Approx $2500

4 refs purchase TPO 11 = $10,000 and 80% commission = $8000

Purchase TPO 11b = Approx $5000

4 refs purchase TPO11b = $20,000 and 80% commission = $16,000

Purchase TPO 11c = Approx $10,000

4 refs purchase TPO 11c = $40,000 and 80% commission = $32,000

Purchase TPO 11d = Approx $20,000

4 refs purchase TPO 11d = $80,000 and 80% commission = $64,000

Of course as you purchase the TPO’s on Infinity traffic boost you get advertising credits which can be used to promote any other business. This calculation does not take into account money earned from doing that.

So basically by surfing 100 pages per day for a maximum of 100 days, and getting just 4 active referrals to do the same, you can earn a PROFIT of $64,000 at the top level of ITB. You ALSO earn a profit with each TPO level before that AND get a huge amount of advertising credits to promote any other business at the same time.

Time to join and surf 100 pages a day…..

Click Here to Join Infinity Traffic Boost

Adding Emails to AIOP Autoresponder

Todays post is a guide to adding your first emails to the autoresponder section of AIOP. To do this you need to start off by creating a campaign list for your subscribers to be added to. The emails that are written to be sent to these subscribers, must be scheduled within that email list. This is not a difficult task, but needs to be done carefully to avoid issues.

Within your AIOP dashboard click on the toolbox tab, and then choose autoresponder in the drop down menu. This will take you into the AIOP response dashboard. There, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have selected the correct campaign list for adding the emails to. Today I am adding emails to my Elite List Building campaign, so I click on GO to the side of that campaign list and double check that it is showing at the top. I then click on edit autoresponder tab:

This will open a page with the text boxes for writing the email as shown below. This page will also have a list of the emails saved to this campaign already, but only after you have added them. This is the area that also allows you to edit those emails at any time.

Writing the emails in the autoresponder section of AIOP is very much like writing an email using any regular email provider. You start with the subject line, adding it in the small box provided, and then add the main body of your email in the large box. You will notice there are a couple of additional features that you may not have seen before:

  • Message Type – Here you can choose to write in plain text or in html enhanced. You can switch between the two by clicking on either option.
  • Disable – This allows you to add emails to the autoresponder section which will not be sent to your subscribers automatically. That is very useful to use if you are writing emails in draft form first, and stops unfinished emails being sent to your subscribers. You can also disable emails that you discover do not work well, or have issues such as a high spam score. I will explain more about that after some emails have been sent to my subscribers.
  • Interval – This is what allows you to schedule your emails, and you need to pay close attention to this. If you have multiple emails added to the same campaign with the same interval they will all be sent on the same day.

Email Writing Tips

There are a few things that you should take into consideration when writing your emails. First of all the subject line is the MOST important part of your emails. This is because without a good subject line the email itself is not likely to be opened and read at all. You should bear in mind that quite often your subscribers may be getting other emails from other email lists that they have subscribed to.

Writing a good subject line is something that you will learn over time, by paying attention to the open rates of your emails. There are a few things that I can teach you in advance however. For example, you should avoid things like writing the whole subject line in capital letters, and adding a lot of exclamation points. Although you may think doing this will attract attention to your email, in fact what it does is increase the chances it will not reach the inbox of your subscribers at all. Emails like this are often filtered out by email providers and get marked as SPAM.

Good subject lines are those which make your subscribers curious to find out what is in the email. Also emails that are designed to provide information and value will often have good open rates.

As I am adding my first email to my Elite List Building campaign today, I want to make the subject line friendly and clear who it is from. Personally I like to keep this very simple and will write a subject line such as: Welcome to Elite List Building

The body of the email should also be friendly and kept short. It should NOT contain a lot of important information, or a lot of links either. In fact I would go so far as to say your first email should not contain ANY links at all. The purpose of this first email is to set the scene and begin your relationship with your subscribers.

Here is the email body that I have written for my first email. Feel free to use it as inspiration for writing your own first email:

Hi there, its Ellie here from Elite List Building (ELB). Thank you for confirming your subscription to my email list today. The emails that I will be sending you are designed to help you make the most of your membership of Elite List Building. Although the site is still quite new I have a lot of experience in list building and email marketing, and I really look forward to sharing my tips with you.

Unlike many emails that you may receive from other marketers online, I will not being trying to sell you things all the time. I like to provide my subscribers with actual useful information and guidance. In addition I will be including some promo codes for free advertising on ELB from time to time as well. So you don’t miss out on my emails I suggest that you whitelist them or mark them as important. You may even like to create a filter in your email account so all my emails are saved for you in one place.

I really look forward to getting to know you better, and please feel free to reply to my emails at any time. I love hearing from subscribers as it helps me to make sure the emails I send are of benefit to you.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

(Creator and Admin of Elite List Building)

Follow Up Emails

I have thought long and hard about providing a pre-written email campaign which you can just import into your AIOP account. I have decided against doing this simply because it does not teach you anything about email marketing. Also many copied email campaigns are not updated correctly. They are by nature not personalised either, and that in my opinion is a big mistake.

I also do not want to leave you to it without any additional guidance. Email marketing is most definitely a skill that needs to be practiced and learned over time. For this reason what I will be doing is sending emails to my subscribers which can be copied and adjusted. Within the emails themselves I will be guiding you on how to write your own emails, and providing tips to help with open rates and sales or recruiting conversions too.

If you have not joined my email list already for Elite List Building, have not confirmed your subscription to my list, or want my emails to reach you at a different email address then you can add your details below:

AIOP Response

Enter your email to get the details

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